No need to!Say she is in love with self -destruction future?Too little look at her …

Dili Reba,

It is indeed true top …

Not only can I often slaughter the list,

Even big powder has hot search entries …

Last night, the square was so hot,

It is because she has 400,000 fans with a big fans suspected to take off powder ↓

As for the reason,

It is said that the main line is that the "Tropical Fish CP" (Huang Jingyu X Dili Reba) is not satisfied with Dili Reba Studio (covering his face)

After all, Dili Reba, Luhan, Wu Lei, and Yang Yang have fired CP,

But only the scandal with Huang Jingyu,

Four years after the start of "Happiness Tentacles" is still fermenting?

After a circle,

The details of discovering tropical fish include, but not limited to –

Huang Jingyu and Dili Reba are suspected to be on Ping An Night together

Di Lierba posted a photo, and the pattern on p appeared in the photo,

Suspected of hinting "tropical fish" ↓

Reba has also brought a diamond ring on the ring finger ↓

Huang Jingyu is suspected of visiting class "Public Prosecution Elite" ↓

The worst is probably the "pregnancy melon" that has been making up this year.

Although Di Lierba clarified in the interview later,

At that time, it was also shocked to netizens ↓

Although these so -called details are not in the real hammer evidence,

Especially "Reba Pregnancy" is even more ridiculous (beard)

However, the studio never rumored these scandals and did not directly deny the relationship.

No wonder big fans and fans are angry …

But then again,

Orange didn’t feel obviously,

This "tropical fish" that does not have a real hammer shakes the popularity of Reba’s road popularity or internal entertainment.

It seems that fans really care more than passers -by.

I don’t want to discuss the authenticity of "tropical fish",

It’s just that this time Reba’s big powder takes off the hot searches on the hot powder,

The first is to show that the opinions of the fan group are indeed affecting the stars;

The second is that there are some rumors of Huang Jingyu first,

But the pollen is really hate to a certain extent (sigh)

It seems that it is not a problem with the ability to completely destroy an actress now.

It is she in love with men (beard) (beard)

Not only Dili Reba,

Many internal entertainment pollen now has the appeal of "sister’s beauty" for the positive Lord.

Although I can understand that everyone wants to make female celebrities focus on her career,

But too intense and extreme reactions,

Also excessive protection and abduction of female stars-

Zhang Zifeng and Xun Xujia fall in love ▽

At the time, it was also shocked.

Everyone is in a state of "da" ↓

I can’t wait to cut a knife to cut a little bit of pain.

And Zhang Zifeng’s "stupid", "confused", "finished" and the like are endless ↓

It looks like Zhang Zifeng is in love,

About the future of self -destruction.

The passerby seems to have collapsed?

After the love exposure, "Living 6" was scolded "boring", "making money easy" ↓ ↓

(In fact, her performance in variety shows is completely normal)

But a year has passed,

I didn’t think Zhang Zifeng was really affected by the relationship (covering his face)

In addition to the uncontrollable "passersby",

She still grasped her most essential career.

What about the exposure of love,

In 22 years, she still realized a counterattack change in posture and appearance. ↓

The award also reaches a new height,

This year, I won the best actress of the Hua Top Award with "Sister".

As for the work, it is even more falling,

It is a small flower with the most entertainment movie inventory ↓

It is said that she will be blood -sucking by a man, and Jiali is ascending,

It doesn’t seem to be now either

Still shooting small web dramas ↓

So love … really affect?

Every time I talk about this kind of topic, Ma Sichun, who is taken out and said,

Is it "epic love brain"?

At that time, the drama difference with Bai Jingting almost exploded,

Linking a foot,

The relationship with Zhang Zhexuan was exposed, the idol drama was instantly dumb (cover his face)

But after that, the ups and downs of Sister Ma’s career is actually difficult to linked to falling in love with me.

She was not in good health, and had very serious depression.

So you can’t keep your body, you must take medicine to rest.

(It’s not a baby to get married.)

Therefore, "First Furnace Fragrance" collapsed,

They laughed at her like "First Furnace Steel" ↓

However, she starred in "Jiang Zhao Dawn" again,

As long as the face is posted, everyone’s tolerance for her is still very high.

Follow -up movie "Broken Bridge",

Her career broke out,

Start in the group in the group, let fans support themselves ↓

Whether it is a fan or a star, the thief gives face ↓

However, at this time, it was not the man’s outskirt,

She lost garbage and retrograde, grabbed the movie of the movie ↓

But movies or movies,

The reputation of the work is generally not related to love,

Chunchun is a problem in itself.

For a while, she went on the show again to talk about the relationship with Zhang Zhexuan’s particularly not optimistic relationship.

Those questioning she is actually clear,

But she really wanted to get a sense of power from this seemingly disparity love.

Maybe the main theme of Sister Ma’s life is love rather than a career …

After all, you are hard to say,

Is it because she is a love brain,

So can we see the deep interpretation of the characters on her screen?

Besides, she has lost weight now,

I feel that she is satisfied with herself,

The mental state is also good.

Since the pursuit of freedom, why should fans be forced.

Even the divorced baby will be viciously mouthful by the fans ▽ ▽

In the small composition,

The madness to a certain point is more than the chicken baby feel ↓

Former fans’ dissatisfaction with her "suspected to find a new boyfriend",

It also reached an amazing distorted state (beard)

Although BABY rumored afterwards, my cousin was not a boyfriend ↓

But even if you talk about love (cover your face)

Until June this year was still clarifying no man ↓

That is to say, baby is 34 years old,

Children have grown to the waist …

Don’t really need to be so emotional!

What do you delay in love?

At least there will be no delay in my sister to continue beauty.

(Face is in the mountains and mountains)

Sister Sun Yi also canceled the account. ▽

Sun Yi was exploded,

Studio issued a document to deny ↓

And fans do not buy orders ↓

Although the reason is that this "small fresh meat" is young,

In love, it is the sea king again,

But what’s not the Neptune,

Do you really think that Sun Yi will get married and have children again (cover his face)

Even if there is anything unclear,

Although she has been on fire because of divorce, she

But getting married and having a child really did not delay her?

(Instead, it opens its popularity)

Why should you keep your body like a bodhisattva now?

Wu Qian also rose again because of divorce ▽

But I still don’t feel how kind she is to her after leaving the man (beard)

In the new drama, she still holds her state and says constantly ↓

(Obvious state is very good)

Some time ago,

It is because the performance in "Hello Saturday" was "mindful", "vicious", "deserved divorce" ↓

(Actually, Wu Qian is just strong when playing games)

Everyone seems to like to use the standard of "whether there is a man" to lift the actress to the height that belongs to her.

I didn’t realize it,

Wu Qian was an ordinary person who was not good for variety shows before the husband and husband.

The divorce gave her the opportunity to enter the audience’s sight again at a high profile,

And it is not completely reborn, and it has changed personal.

The outrageous BB is all 40 years old.

Some people are unwilling to watch her fall in love

I just want to say one word -it is not necessary.

Looking at the vertical,

The current direction is: 95 flowers do not cue, 85 flowers are the best monks, marriage is ready to divorce.

The career of 95 flowers cannot take off, not blame for age, and do not blame acting skills.

Blame in love ↓

85 Hua’s husband’s family was vomited in turn,

It is recommended that Tang Yan completely retreat to be a rich wife ↓

The stalk of Liu Shishi’s "supporting the elderly" is never out of date ↓

Li Sheng’s "fans" dream of letting Li Sheng and Li Jiahang divorce ↓

(Multiple rumors, and successfully search for hot search)

It’s absolutely absolute.

Can understand the conflict of Internet pollen to men,

Especially when it is promoting "don’t get close to men will become unfortunate",

This domineering clause of "prohibition of love" has also become quite rational.

But this seems to be "teach",

In fact, it is to set up a moral archway for actresses.

In disguise, the actress who loves men is "impure", not worthy of fans;

Disguise admitting the fragility of the actress, no matter how big she is, a man can easily destroy her.

And most people do not realize,

Female stars have too many resources and cards than ordinary girls,

The material is rich, and the information resources are not closed.

The choice they made are what they want to choose,

Even if the wrong selection, there is a chance to come back to Dongshan.


If the work is fighting and there is no illegal discipline, how can there be no one who talks about a few scumbags?

Fans should support actresses more beautiful and stronger, more free,

Only in this way can we see the complexity and struggle of secular emotions in the actresses, and see that they have more and more life.

The point is how women become stronger and how to experience the world, not that man.

I hope that the fans of the Inner Entertainment to the actress’s boyfriend’s husband will be dismissed,

Do not exist, none of them.

The last sentence

Look at love with usual heart!

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