No new crown infection will be found in the early pregnancy, but the protection and management of pregnant women still need to be strengthened

From the comprehensive implementation of precise prevention and control to the "New Ten Articles" at the national level, the epidemic of new coronary virus pneumonia since 2020 has passed.In the future that can be met, comprehensively resume work and resume production, and the return of work, study, and life to normal will inevitably become the norm.However, in Guangzhou, the epidemic brought by Omiko Rongzhu is still spreading and popular, and is gradually entering the peak period of infection of experts such as Academician Zhong Nanshan.

How to prepare for pregnancy during the epidemic?How to prevent infection after pregnancy?Do you need to terminate your pregnancy after infection with a virus with obviously weakening pathogenicity?Preparation, pregnancy, examination, and childbirth encountered a series of questions during the epidemic.It is precisely in this new situation that the gestational group urgently needs to comprehensively systematically understand the relevant knowledge of the pregnancy period.To this end, the Southern Metropolis Daily and the Yangtze Public Welfare Foundation Aberne Public Welfare Fund jointly launched the "50 Questions of the Life of Maternity in the New Situation" Charity H5 (click to view).

On December 16, "Nandu Health Lecture Hall" invited authoritative experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and infection, and conducted the "" Epidemic "Road to Guardiac Love -Preparation of Maternal Protection and Health Management."Experts at the meeting said that the current period of the new crown epidemic is still popular. The current probability of new crown infection, the proportion of severe illnesses, and the general population observed are not significantly different.However, as a key population, pregnant women still need to protect them during the epidemic epidemic.

The epidemic is still popular

Those who are found to be infected with pregnant maternals will be upgraded

Chong Yutian, an infectious disease expert, a professor of infection science of Zhongshan Hospital, and a leader of the Huangpu Fang Cabin Hospital, said that although the number of diagnostic people notified every day after the implementation of the new ten, the epidemic is still popular in the real world, and the number of infections is still there.Continuous increase.It is only that the popular Omikon strain is not the same as the strains that cause lung damage and lower respiratory tract damage significantly.The main attack is the upper respiratory tract, which will show high fever, headache, sore throat, and systemic discomfort.

In the context of the general susceptibility of society, all people, including pregnant women, are vulnerable to infection, and the chances of infection of all ages and various people are the same."The infection rate of pregnant women has not showed differences. The group’s infection rate is close to ordinary people. And the course of disease is also high, fever, headache, sore throat, and cough symptoms.Often, the patient’s psychological pressure will be particularly large. In the medical community, they also pay special attention to the safety of maternal mothers. They often rearra the maternal infection and strengthen monitoring. "

Up to now, Professor Chongyu Tian’s Huangpu Founder Hospital has successfully cured more than 10 pregnant women infected, and the entire course of observing the disease is no different from normal people.

In response to the problem of Fuyang that many pregnant women would worry about, Professor Chongyu Tian also specifically analyzed that Fuyang refers to the phenomenon of constantly checking the CT value and positive after the recovery of the infected person."At present, a large area of nucleic acid detection has been canceled, and there is no problem with worrying about Fuyang. Moreover, a large number of studies have been conducted in the country and in China.","

He suggested that the majority of maternal groups must first make preparations for epidemic prevention, such as hard -to -hand, ventilation, less gathering, wearing masks, etc., and do not need to be too nervous after infection."Because the characteristics of the current popular virus strains should be that the new virus strain is also a very contagious, but the cause may not be strong. You can accept the symptoms under the guidance of a professional doctor. At this stage, at this stageMany treatment drugs have confirmed that the impact on the mother’s fetus is small and can ensure the safety of maternal fetuses during pregnancy. "

Preparation of pregnancy during epidemic is popular

But do a lot of preparations

Once upon a time, there was a consensus in the field of obstetrics, that is, trying to avoid pregnancy in epidemic epidemics, so as not to bring a lot of uncertain effects on the mother’s fetus after early pregnancy, medium and advanced infection.

"If you can avoid the chances of infection between the two sides, it is definitely the best for pregnancy." Hou Hongying, director of the obstetrics department of the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that preparing for pregnancy and preparation time, the physical condition of the couple, and the environmental factors have all there are any environmental factors.Great relationship.The current environmental factors are exactly in the new crown epidemic in the new crown, so it can avoid infection during pregnancy, it is best to avoid the corresponding avoidance.Even if the infection period happens to be pregnant, don’t worry too much.At present, a large number of research in international and domestic research has not been found that the early pregnancy infection has recently impact on fetal teratogenic abrasion.

Many pregnant women are worried about whether they can vaccine and strengthen needles during pregnancy. Director Hou Hongying also answered this specifically: you can fight."The authoritative information promulgated by the World Health Organization shows that women can vaccinate during pregnancy, during pregnancy, delivery and lactation.The fetus has almost no effect. "But from the perspective of obstetrics, when choosing a relatively popular inhaling vaccine in the field of obstetrics, pregnant women need to be relatively cautious and not recommended for maternal use.

Nutrition and exercise problems during pregnancy are also the topic of many expectant mothers.How to adjust the diet after infection?Hou Hongying said that the infection of the new crown may affect the appetite of pregnant women, but it is precisely that this critical time needs to pay attention to diet nutrition."No partial eclipse, balanced nutrition, and high -diet that contains protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins is very helpful for the improvement of pregnant women’s immunity."

She said that the movement of pregnant women should be preferred by individualization and cannot be generalized.For example, a pre -placent placenta and premature pregnant women will have a certain limitations of exercise.But ordinary maternal mothers can do more yoga, back training and swimming.There are also some pregnant women who can do some pelvic exercises such as limbs and Prate.

"Of course, the early and middle and late exercise methods of pregnant women will be different, and they must be based on exclusion of some accidents such as premature birth and bleeding. Therefore, the exercise of pregnant women is best to be judged by professional obstetricians after judging.Exercise prescriptions. "Hou Hongying said that these suggestions can consult obstetricians in the section of the production inspection, and the requirements of different maternal inspections can be different, such as twins, pre -placenta, and pregnant women with obesity or pregnancy of pregnancy.It needs to increase the frequency of production inspection.If the new crown is infected, monitoring also needs to be strengthened."Although the proportion of severe illness after pregnant women is close to the infection of ordinary people, the high fever and severe cough problems brought by the infection need to be judged early. After all, these problems are high -risk factors of premature birth."

78%of pregnant women have almost no symptoms after infection

High fever, headache, cough need to pay attention to

Professor Chen Dunjin, director of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Critical Maternal Maternal Care Center of Guangzhou City, said that judging from the current international data, the three years of new crowns, the mortality rate of severe maternal mothers has increased slightly."US data shows that the mortality rate has risen from 56/100,000 in the past to 8.7/100,000 during the epidemic. The cause of tragedy is mainly due to postpartum bleeding, early eclampsia, and slower internal medicine."

Based on this, he suggested that a maternal maternal disease must increase the birth of the birthplaces if he finds the pre -placental placenta and the pregnancy of the internal medicine system during the birth check.

With the popularization of current wearable devices, many pregnant women have begun to monitor blood pressure, fetal heart, and fetal movement, which has a certain effect for pregnant women who have a history of hypertension."But the premise is that everyone should interact online with the fixed -point production hospital, so that it is possible to get clear guidance and find problems in time."

In the context of epidemics, many women are worried about the problem of fetal malformations after the early pregnancy infection and after medication.Chen Dunjin revealed that as Professor Chong Yutian introduced before, no early pregnancy infection was observed worldwide, and the fetus would directly affect the fetus.Among the large number of new coronal viruses in Chen Dunjin’s infection with pregnant women, 78%of them were even asymptomatic, which was only positive at nucleic acid."In fact, this part of the crowd can be managed at home, but if there are pregnant women with high fever, severe headache, shortness of breath, vaginal bleeding, etc., you need to seek medical treatment immediately."

He suggested that in the process of preparing for pregnancy, early pregnancy, pregnancy, and late pregnancy, women try not to go to places where there are many people.After discovering that family members are infected, try to avoid it."If the pregnant woman is positive, go to the hospital to seek medical treatment in a timely manner according to the symptoms and signs. The rest, just follow the doctor’s advice."

No maternal birth evidence

Most of the infected fetuses are negative

As a contagious infectious disease, will the new coronal virus infection be transmitted to the baby through the mother’s fetal pathway?This is also the topic that the majority of women who are appreciated during the epidemic.

Liang Huichao, the director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Discipline, said that Liang Huichao, the head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Eighth Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that as a fixed -term treatment medical institution since the new crown epidemic, it has been treated with more than 100 maternal mothers in this round of epidemic in Guangzhou, and more than 20 will be given.Baby, 100%newborn is negative.She said that the city’s eight -yield team did observe the chance of incidence of hypoxia in the fetus in the clinical observation of high fever, and the severe cough will induce uterine contraction and increase the risk of premature birth.No higher than ordinary people,

"For the infected maternal maternal, obstetricians will conduct closely monitoring. Once observed the hypoxia in the fetus, intervention will be made decisively."

Liang Huichao said that the new crown infection is not a indicator of the cesarean section. For some maternal maternal, the evaluation that the childbirth process will be smooth, it will generally guide the delivery.In the city, there are many mothers who have given birth, and children who have produced them have not found infections.

Hou Hongying, director of the obstetrics department of the Third Hospital of Zhongshan, also said that for the maternal infection in the third trimester, the method of childbirth also depends on the specific situation. After fully evaluating the safety of the mother’s fetus, the cesarean section or delivery method is selected.

Liang Huichao said that during the current epidemic period of epidemics, the mother must master the skills and other skills of self -movement. There is no abnormal situation. You can find that the fetal heart, fetal movement abnormalities, or bleeding, flowing water, lower abdominal pain and other conditions should be found immediately.Essence"At present, medical institutions in Guangzhou can receive new -crown -positive infections. Maternal mothers can go to previous designated production inspection hospitals without protecting protection."

Infected maternal can breastfeed feed

The key to health care during puerperium is to condition the body and mind

The puzzle period is also a special confinement health care problem that Chinese women pay special attention to, which has also attracted much attention.Guan Hailan, an obstetric expert and dean of the Eboen Maternity Hospital, said that the management of the purse during puzzle first needs to focus on the maternal mood and psychological changes.The incidence of postpartum depression in general in general periods can be as high as 10%. During the new crown period, it is more likely to increase the tension and anxiety of the mother.

Therefore, for maternal women, it is generally recommended to evaluate professional tables, discover problems in a timely manner and psychological guidance."Postpartum exercise and family communication and communication are also very necessary. Once the problem is found, it is particularly prominent, and you should seek professional spiritual and psychological experts to intervene in time."

Another focus of attention during the confinement is the problem of milk and breastfeeding of the maternal.But can the mother who is infected with the new crown still breastfeed?The answer is obviously yes, but some special links are required.

Guan Hailan said that the key to breastfeeding is to establish a maternal confidence, ensure that maternal nutrition and sleep will be prescribed in time after sleep."There is no data to prove that the new coronary virus can be infected with newborns through breast milk, but when breastfeeding, the infected mothers must protect it. Of course, we do not advocate that the infected mothers are fed themselves.Feed the baby, and then fed them yourself after the symptoms of fever are eliminated. "

Generally speaking, 42 days after giving birth, mothers often need to receive postpartum inspections.But if the node is delayed at this time, will the impact be greatly affected?

Guan Hailan said that postpartum examination is a checkup to understand the physical condition of the maternity, the bottom of the pot, the muscle function and the healing of the wound.But it is not necessary to be carried out 42 days after giving birth."Unless there are problems such as postpartum hypertension, diabetes, anemia, and difficulty healing wounds need to be immediately retracted and followed out. Some mothers can be appropriately delayed when they are infected with new crowns or are worried about the risk of postpartum inspection infection.Internal examinations are all possible. "

Writing: Nandu reporter Wang Daobin

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