Not long ago, I dreamed of this, and I became pregnant. It was really accurate. I couldn’t accept it!

Not long after getting married, I have been actively preparing for pregnancy with my husband, because I think the child is good at it, it will be good sooner or later, and I will be older. There are other problems.By then, it would be better to give birth to it early.

However, we have never seen the movement, and we are not anxious, because the medical examination before marriage has been done. There is no problem. It may be that the time is not yet.But not long ago, I suddenly had such a dream when I slept at night:

The dream is summer. There is a curved crescent in the sky, bright, and many stars, bright crystals, which are particularly beautiful.In my hometown, I was in the night with my father, and I was familiar with melon. I wanted to prevent thieves or some small beasts to harm watermelon.The dream was lying on the simple bed and fell asleep, and there was no interruption of screams in my ears, which was particularly pleasant.

I was sleeping comfortably, and when I heard there was a sound outside, I thought what animal was in watermelon, so I went out to see. I actually saw an old man standing in Gua Tian, the crane was childish, and the white clothes fluttered.See you for a long time, is this seeing a fairy?Then the old man nodded at me and disappeared. I quickly ran over the location of his stood.EssenceI hugged the watermelon, hugged it back to the shed, put it beside the bed, and fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I found that this was a dream. I thought it was strange enough. My family was in the countryside, but I never planted watermelon!In view of awake, I remember so clearly, I told my husband, and I didn’t expect my husband to laugh happily into a flower, saying that I was going to be pregnant.He had heard his mother said before that the marriage of a married woman dreamed that watermelon was going to be pregnant.

In order to show her correctness, my husband also pulled me to ask me in front of her mother -in -law. My mother -in -law couldn’t get together, saying that it was definitely not wrong, or the immortal gave it, it must be rich and expensive!Unexpectedly, after a few days, I was tested, and it was really two lines!It seems that there are some dreams, I still have to believe it, I hope the baby can be born smoothly!

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