Not raising milk does not mean you less milk!It may be to reach the supply and demand balance

There are often Bao moms asks, my breasts are soft, and I do n’t feel much milk array. Is there too little milk?How do you creampie?

In fact, our breasts are very smart, not raising milk does not mean that you have less milk.

Three days after giving birth, the mother’s breasts are not full, and they can’t squeeze much, but the stomach capacity of newborns can be small. At this time, the amount of milk secreted can meet the baby’s needs, and the nutritional value of colostrum milk is extremely high.Don’t throw it away.

As the level of progesterone decreases, the prolactin is increased, and the baby’s sucking stimulus, the mother often feels the breasts of the breast. This is the process of laying milk.

After a period of time, the breasts no longer have a feeling of raising milk or milk array, and the baby’s milk time gradually shortened each time, so the mothers started to worry about it again. Is the amount of milk insufficient?

In fact, as long as the baby’s height and weight increase normally, sleep well, and have a good mental state, it means that your milk is sufficient.It means that your breast milk has reached a state of balanced supply and demand.

Balanced supply and demand, that is, the yield of breast milk is the same as the baby’s demand. As much as the baby eats, the mother’s breasts will produce how much milk.

After reaching the balance of supply and demand, your breasts are soft and comfortable. They do not often feel painful. The baby has milk as soon as it is eaten.

The mother who often rises to milk is because the mother and the baby have not worn well. The breasts are self -regulating. I do n’t know when it should be secreted and how much it should be secreted each time.

After running in for a while, the mother’s brain will regulate the breast, and secrete it according to the time and amount of the baby. When the baby does not suck, it will secrete the milk less, and the baby will secrete more.

As the baby’s monthly age increases milk, the number of milk is gradually increasing, and the nutritional content of milk is constantly changing to meet the baby’s growth and development needs.

The most important thing is to be breastfeeding on demand to achieve the balance of supply and demand.That is, when the baby is hungry, feed, and the mother feels that she will feed when she is raised. The duration and interval of feeding are not limited, so as to ensure that the mother’s milk is synchronized with the baby’s needs.

Therefore, mothers should not worry because the breasts are not rising. On the contrary, this is a good signal that the supply and demand is balanced.Everyone must be confident and believe that they are a "cow" mother and maintain a happy mood, which is also helpful to increase lactation.

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