Novel: "Mom, I seem to be pregnant!"

How can I watch Lin Mom bully my mother, even if she is my future mother -in -law!I gritted my teeth, so I rushed up and grabbed the bag in Mother Lin again.

"Enough!" Dad Lin suddenly opened his mouth. It is estimated that he couldn’t get used to the two women there, so he appeared in a pair of lords and walked over.

The bastard of the little knife just was happy there, and when she saw Lin Ran was there, Lin Mom was unwilling to rush up to stop, and she should come up for a few words after she stopped the father.

It turns out that this is the love between the nobles of the giants. I smiled there, and just coincided with my heart. He didn’t know how to cherish the feelings and was guarded by me.

"Old man, look at them!" Lin Mom ran to Lin Da with grievances, and suddenly changed from a saint to a little woman.

"Of course, you don’t hurry up!" After Lin’s mother said, she shouted at Lin Ran again, obviously to thoroughly draw the boundaries with me.

Lin Yan looked at Lin Ran firmly, as if Lin Ran stayed beside me for a second, he was about to run away.

I didn’t think much, so I had to counsel. Now Lin Ran goes back to recognize his mistake with Lin Ma Lin’s obediently, and it is estimated that he can restore her young lady identity.

Although I like her, I care about her more often, and I will care that she is unhappy. Obviously Lin Ran is sad now.

Lin Ran glanced at me secretly, and then slowly walked towards Dad Lin, as if for a moment, we always became two strangers.

I helplessly turned my head and didn’t dare to look at the scene in front of me, but the laughter of the knife kept drifting into my ears, and I lost a mess.

"Son, do you really like her mother?" My mother saw me drooping here, so she poked me and asked, I blushed with my eyes, and I couldn’t speak.

"Ran, wait a minute!" My mother suddenly shouted after getting my answer, and this suddenly made me goosebumps that made me fall off.

Lin Ran turned around in surprise, but did not expect that the person who had just wanted to tear himself shouted so intimately. Lin Dad was stupid there, and I didn’t know what my mother would do.

"Wallet, take it back …" My mother took out my wallet. I know my mother must remember that this is my wallet for Lin Ran. I didn’t take off her, so I wanted to see what she was doing.

Lin Ran stunned and walked back after looking at me. The two of them simply passed by there, and they didn’t do anything to scare the local affairs.

uh-huh?After watching my mother handing her wallet to Lin Ran’s hand, I was gone. Then, I suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley, and I also hope that my mother can do what big tricks can save.It turns out that everything I think is too much.

Lin Ran looked at my mother’s eyes, and then …

Lin Ran suddenly stretched out his hand and covered his mouth there, as if he was about to vomit, but it was more like …

"Ran, are you okay?" Although Lin Ma was harsh on the surface, she still loved Lin Ran in her bones.

Lin Ran continued to vomit there, "Mom, I seem to be pregnant!"


For a while, everyone’s eyes fell on my body. I Nima, I was happy to be a father?

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