Novel: Miao Ling Girls invested in the embrace of the rich second generation, thinking that she has nothing to worry about since then, but the next day for help

It is planned to open the company. Although it is not a tide, there will be some insufficient confidence in my heart.Now, there is a red sister and Dong Hao who supports me behind me, but it makes me confident.

The establishment of W.E. marks that we will have a very good opportunity to confirm our strength again. I’m not sure if this is the opportunity to leave Haotai and turn over.The corner of Luo Zhenbin above is definitely a wise choice.

When I was out of the hospital, the sky was completely darkened. After I got into the car, I hope to share the good news with Tian Tian, so I called Tian Tian a phone call, but I couldn’t think of it.The sweet phone turned off.

This makes me very helpless.

After thinking about it, I felt that Tian Tian was a bit impermanent, so he thought that Hetian Tian, other online social software on the Internet, and other online social software through WeChat and Weibo.

But the past information was almost like the sea sinking the sea, and there was no response.

Inadvertently, I found that there was an unread email from Tian Tian in the mobile phone mailbox.

The email was just sent in the afternoon, and I couldn’t help but blame me.

In the mailbox, Tian Tian said to me a little blame, blame me, what he followed, now his parents confiscated her phone directly, so that he didn’t want Tian Tian to contact me.Her previous working mailbox did not bind this mobile phone number, so she could only contact me from here.

When I saw this news, I couldn’t help but panic, Tian Tian’s parents were really terrible.Sure enough, it was a family.

The last time Tian Tian’s parents and Tian Tian went to our house to eat, Tian Tian’s father talked very much. When he was away, when he took away Tian Tian’s luggage, he also said that Tian Tian now has no job in Luochuan City.Therefore, let Tian Tian go home to rest for a while, and then come back to find a job after rest. It turns out that Tian Tian’s father’s words are just a slow schedule. The purpose is to bring Tian Tian back from me.

However, Tian Tian’s hand was taken away, and it was blamed for me. Maybe it was what I was following them today, which really annoyed him.

Looking at Tian Tian’s email, full of blame.

I immediately replied to Tian Tian, "I’m sorry, today is what I do, but I really don’t want you to go on a blind date with anyone. I just want you to stay with me. I know this is very selfish, butThis is because I really can’t let you go. "

After the email was sent, after a while, Tian Tian replied to me, "In the future, I don’t allow it anymore. Now my parents are worse. However, I will find a way to contact you again."

I briefly replied and prepared Red Sister and Dong Hao to make a 10 million each, funding the establishment of an advertising company, and mentioned Tian Tian.

Instantly Tian Tian sent me a smiley face.And tell me to cheer well.

"I want you to make the company with me." I replied to Tian Tian.

However, after I post the news, I can no longer wait for Tian Tian’s reply. I became more and more puzzled. There was a very bad hunch. I think the future of Tian Tian will definitely destroy her parents’s parents’s’s’s’s.In your hand.

Tian Guodong, remembered that Tian Guodong found out the anger eyes after I was following them, not only made me stand upright.Tian Guodong is definitely not a good stubble.

Tian Tian never told me his parents, and made me swaying even more. Do you want to check the details of Tian Guodong?

When I was sitting in the car, I suddenly came out of the hospital. I quickly got out of the car and called Hong Sister.

Sister Red suddenly stunned, walked to me and asked, "Why didn’t you go?"

I took my mobile phone to the Red Sister, and said, "I just contacted Tian Tian for a while, delaying time."

Sister Hong frowned slightly and asked, "How are you now with Tian Tian, when will you get married?"

I smiled bitterly and said, "It’s hard to say a word, now Tian Tian’s parents are not pleasing to me."

Sister Hong laughed and said, "It seems, you still need to work hard."

"Sister Hong, can you help me be a busy?" I asked.

"What busy?" Sister Hong asked.

"Help me check the background of Tian Tian’s father Tian Guodong?" I said.

The Red Sister was shocked. After a while, I laughed: "I heard that the background of the old man checked the son -in -law, but it was the first time that I saw the son -in -law Charlia’s background."

I scratched my head embarrassed and said, "I can’t help it. Now the couple of Tian Guodong have always had opinions on me. Now even Tian Tian’s mobile phone is confiscated, so that Tian Tian will not contact me.I want to check the background of Tian Guodong to see if I can find a way out to save my feelings and Tian Tian’s feelings. "

"Out of the way?" The Red Sister smiled slyly and said, "Find the handle of Tian Guodong. Take the opportunity to force Tian Guodong to promise you and Tian Tian."

"Uh …" I suddenly didn’t know how to answer Hong Sister, I could only smile embarrassingly. What Hong Sister said was part of my thoughts, but I also wanted to check Tian Guodong’s background and hope to invest in his place.Okay, after all, it seems that it is more important to please this future old man.

Sister Hong patted my shoulder and laughed: "Okay, don’t make a joke for you, I find a way to help you check it, and if there is a result, I will notify you again."

I heard so, I was grateful.

In the end, Sister Hong still shifted the topic to An Qi, and said regrettable: "Dong Hao also stunned a lot during this time. His wife An Qi’s condition has deteriorated again and again.. In the hospital, you also saw her condition, and it is estimated that it will soon be supported. "

Listening to Sister Hong said that, I was a little bit unhappy. During this time, there were really too many things that happened to Dong Hao. Most people might have collapsed. First of all, my father had died in a car accident.In addition to Xiaoyao Fa, his father, Dong Wancheng, who worked hard and worked hard, fell into Luo Zhenbin’s hands. Now his wife will soon be in the world. These pains, Dong Hao will endure in silence.Help him solve half a point.

Dong Hao’s father, Dong Wancheng, was so unknown that he was so deadly. It was really regrettable.When An Qi was pregnant, she checked breast cancer, but for the sake of the child in the stomach, she endured the torture of the disease and did not receive chemotherapy treatment. Now, the great mother’s love has fallen into the end of the hospital today.Seeing An Qi’s dying appearance, she couldn’t help but make people move.

I suddenly remembered a word that women were weak, but my mother was great.

Put it on An Qi’s body, really respond to this sentence.

Separate with Sister Honghong, we leave each.

When I arrived at home in the evening, Lei Zi suddenly called me. On the phone, Lei Zi said that he heard that Sister Red had left from the company. By the way, I asked me about doing something about an advertising company.

I told Lei Zi in detail the results of the hospital and Hong sister and Dong Hao.

Unexpectedly, Lei Zi was more excited than me, and asked me, "Brother Jun, in Youshan Pavilion that day, what do you remember?"

I frowned and asked, "That day, you said a lot of words, which one is the specific sentence?"

Lei Zi sighed and said, "Brother Jun, you are a noble person, that day you said, I hope we will give you some money, I will tell you, I may not be able to give you money, butI must have arrived. You forgot this sentence. "

I suddenly realized and laughed: "Of course I remember this sentence, what’s wrong, do you want to join?"

"Of course, Haotai lacks you and Sister Tian Tian, I can’t stay long ago, I want to join me, do you agree?"

"Of course, I agree, I am lacking now." I laughed.

"Get 一, with the words of you, I am reluctant. When I, I immediately resigned from Haotai and hurried to your Majesty. You can again start a business with you and Sister Tian Tiantian again. I can’t ask for it."Lei Zile said.

I coughed and said, "Lei Zi, Tian Tian is now in his hometown, and our parents, his parents are a hundred disagreement, and may be in the new advertising company that may be established immediately, it is difficult for you to see Tian TianThe figure, I replied.

When I heard me say that, Lei Zi said softly, and it seemed a little disappointed. After a long time, Lei Zi said to me with an idea, "Jun, now Tian Tian Sister has no job, you can do this, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company, the company.After the establishment, you sent an invitation to Tian Tian. Her parents did not know that the company was opened. Her parents stopped Tian Tian and associated with you, but I couldn’t stop Tian Tian. "

Lei Zi’s words woke up a little bit. After all, this Luochuan City, Tian Tian’s parents were not familiar with. After the company was established, it was suitable for Tian Tian’s learning.At that time, even if her parents were suspicious, they went to the scene to go to the interview and let the Red Sister attend. I hid and did not.

Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but start with this strategy of Lei Zi, and I felt sincere.

"Lei Zi, I think this method you said is feasible." I admired.

Lei Zi laughed and began to say, "Haha, I have nothing to do, but I have a lot of ideas."

"Come on, praise you a few words, you can’t find the North." I said fun.

He Leizi gositted a few more words. After hanging up the phone, I turned over my mailbox, but I didn’t find the email that Tian Tian gave me, which made me feel empty.

However, I just had a good idea of Leizi, and I took this opportunity to write a long mail to tell Tian Tian again.When the email was sent, he had been waiting for Tian Tian’s reply.

But I waited until my eyes were astringent and fell asleep unconsciously, but still did not wait for Tian Tian’s reply.

Until the next day, the first thing was to look at your mailbox.

Fortunately, he finally received Tian Tian’s reply.

Tian Tian also felt feasible for this plan, so he told me to hurry up and get the new company’s establishment.

Seeing Tian Tian’s reply, I was even more excited. At this time, I was not only full of confidence, but also full of expectations.

Because after the incident, maybe I can really get along with Tian Tian.

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