Novel: She dreamed of marrying a giant, and now she was pregnant unexpectedly, she knew she had no chance

Suddenly, it felt like an ancient emperor who patrolled.

The man’s knife -like three -dimensional features, thin lips tightly, the aura is very strong, and his deep eyes swept the scene alienatedly, a pair of momentum in the world.

Lord Night!

When Luo Huan saw the person, he subcreased his neck subconsciously!

Work hard to reduce your existence.

But no matter how she holds her breath, it is difficult to be seen in the big personal station.

I knew it was so dangerous, I shouldn’t come today.

Lin Shul said that Lord Ye never went to the branch company that was far from the headquarters, but she could catch up on the first day?

Is it a coincidence or what he found?

Chu Lian followed the right back of Lord Night.

In this position, he can see any expression of nightclub.

As soon as he came in for such a short time, he had found that Ye Zong looked at Luo Huan several times.

I thought, this girl was a bit special.

The branch was established for so long, but the night chief came for the first time.

Night chief said to inspect the work, and Chu Ling felt that it had something to do with this girl.

Luo Huan secretly swallowed.

The little heart is about to jump out.

She didn’t even dare to lift her head.

Not to mention the opposite Lord Night.

On the surface, she looked at the ground quietly, but her heart was turbulent.

She heard the footsteps and was the wicked man who came towards her.

Is he going to drive her away under the public?

At this moment, Luo Huan felt that the blood of his body seemed to start to flow back.

Fuck, lying …

The lobby is all new employees, and everyone’s eyes fall on the Lord of Night.

Especially girls, stretching their necks, hoping that dog men’s sight can look at them.

Even a second!

Just when Luo Huan felt that there was one hand in the virtually, he squeezed her throat gently. When she was about to suffocate, she found that Lord Ye’s shiny leather shoes walked behind her.

Luo Huan slightly raised his head, and saw that he stood beside the pot in the hall.

"This flower is replaced." The man stared at a broken flower branch, and he ordered a low voice.

Chu Ling hurriedly responded, "Yes, president."

After speaking, they went directly into the elevator.

The whole process had nothing to do with Luo Huan, but she couldn’t wait to get into the seam of the floor.

Is it guilty!

A church president, small details are so paid attention to.

If a flower is flawed, you can replace all the flowers.

Luo Huan secretly thought, she still don’t have a chance, why should she do it!

Anyway, it has not been officially at work, and resignation should be easy.

In the morning, it was training, and the time hurriedly passed.

During the lunch break, Luo Huan went to eat with her good friend. She had no appetite and only ate a little.

After returning, he was sitting alone in his position and resigning.

There were a few girls next to them, and the Night Lord of the morning airborne was discussed in the morning.

"I didn’t expect to see the live -action nightclub."

"Yes, I have seen it on TV, my male god …"

"He is handsome and so careful. I can’t help but make up."

Lin Shur also joined the gossip and said it was endless.

"I want to be a night wife …" Lin Shur’s expression was also very idiot.


Several of them started a warm discussion, all of which were dancing.

Good friend Lin Shul still did not forget to pull Luo Huan and teased, "Huanhuan, the nightclub today is so close to you, you will have no heart?"

How is it possible to have no heart?

It’s just that her heart is not the same as Lin Shur said.

Her heart almost jumped out.

In the face of the eyes of colleagues and good friends, it seems to be envious and ambiguous.

She was a little embarrassed.

Touching my nose and pulling a smile, "So close … Everyone will be heartbroken!"

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