Novel: Sudden appetite after pregnancy can be eaten to nourish Hedan Tire Soup

In the morning, Mrs. Jiang Liu Fen gave her a small half bowl of fish to her.

"Chinese medicine is so strong!" Gu Yin didn’t like it a little.

"No last time the stew soup is delicious."

Liu Fen watched her daughter -in -law who couldn’t ask for such a foreigner, and also raised her evaluation, so she was so angry that she patted her twice.

"Mingyue came back from the Star Battlefield and was invited by Dean Wei. People can save you twice. You girl is not good and disliked. How many people can’t ask for this."

Speaking of her bowed to Gu Yin, he said: "It has reduced the five percent of the genetic pollution that you exceeded the standard, and you’d better talk to me! If you are angry, I will tell your mother and let you let your mother, let you let your motherYour mother clean up you! "

After eating the fish, Gu Yin said, and said, "Mom, cut me an apple." Gu Yin had a good relationship with her mother -in -law. The first was Liu Fen who looked at Gu Yin as a daughter, and the second was the daughter -in -law.I just picked up the Apple and remembered what Gu Mingyue said, and then let go

"Mingyue said, after eating this, she will not eat other things for the time being. At noon, she will boil you a tire soup.

Suddenly said: "Wait for you, I will buy you delicious, it’s not okay now!"

Gu Yin nodded, and helplessly touched her belly. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant.

"Don’t worry about the research institute, I let your father -in -law work for you, and a little thing is ending, you can relax for yourself."

Gu Yin squeaked and laughed, thinking that his serious father -in -law had done things in the past, the group of young people was afraid to be cleaned up.

But after this time, she was ready to take a big fake to raise her body.

It was said that the door was opened and Jiang Gui, who was wearing military uniforms.

"How are your body?" He was scared to death, and Gu Yin’s gene pollution exceeded the standard.

Speaking of a large bag of ingredients and Chinese medicine on the table.

"Mom, check it out, okay, no, I’ll buy it again."

Liu Fen checked the ingredients and had a lot of Chinese medicine.

"How do you get so many Chinese medicine!" Gu Yin looked at the big bag.

"Isn’t it that Chinese medicine can make medicine meals, all of which are wild. Wild ones must be better than you recovering artificially. I read it like this in the book, and I dug back together." In the early morning, he got the news in the early morning.Dig out the mech.

Gu Yin looked at Jiang Gui, who was sweating.

"Look at you, what do you do so anxious!"

Jiang Gui smirked.

"Of course, the big ones are waiting for me." Jiang Gui carefully touched the belly of Gu Yin.

Then the door was opened again.

Two elderly people in their early sixties, wearing combat clothes and entered the VIP hospital.

"Dad, mom, aren’t you at the military base? Why come back?"

"This is not hearing that you are sick, and you’re pregnant again. I rush back to see you with your dad!"

"Mom, you have more than 20 hours, how can you ….." How ….. "

"The fighter we drove back was very faster." Yuan Caihe took off the helmet and took a look at the gene pollution index of his girlfriend, forty -eight.

Liu Fen poured a glass of water to Yuan Caihe.

"Don’t worry, I look at it. It’s okay. I was drinking a bowl of Annan soup at noon. The genetic pollution index will decline. Ayin is not good.

Yuan Caihe pointed at Gu Yin angrily, "Did you hear it? The whole family says that you are not good at your body, you still don’t pay attention to it yourself! This is the same as you lie in connected twice.It’s all sad! "

Then he said, "What about that girl, I must thank her!"

Gu Mingyue, who had just opened the door, stunned, and there were so many people in the ward.

"Good girl, you saved my family’s life!" Gu Xiumin held Gu Mingyue’s hand, but was immediately squeezed out by the original Caihe.

"Good girl, my family is just this unreasonable daughter, you can see more about it."

Gu Mingyue looked at the two elderly people wearing combat clothes, and he knew that he hurried to see the child.

She comforted: "Don’t be afraid, Sister Gu is fine. When I make a blood -raising soup, I drink another bowl today, and then check my body. If there is no problem, I can be discharged.Tired. "

Yuan Caihe wanted to say something, and saw Gu Mingyue preparing for medicated meals.

After the chicken was washed, put it in boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Put Chinese medicine such as stone lotus seeds into the soup bag, put in the pot pot, inject water into water, fry for 30 minutes, add the fried juice into the stew pot, then put it in ginger slices and EjiaoAdd a cup cover for 3 hours, which is the most ingredients and Chinese herbal medicines she currently made in the medicated diet.

The good things in the interstellar kitchen have the effect of stewing for 3 hours in water in only one hour. She kept watching next to her. She used only half a chicken and the essence of the stew was about 3-5 bowls.

"Drink two bowls at noon and drink two bowls at night. If there is no pregnancy, you can try to eat the chicken.

Gu Mingyue had a bowl of soup for her, there was Ejiao, and no chicken was given.

"This taste is better than amounted licorice catfish."

Gu Yin is cheerful and straightforward. He has worked at the Institute of Ancient Food for a long time. Although thirty -seven, he is still like a girl.

After drinking two bowls of soup, the bracelet prompts the gene pollution index to decrease by 20 %, and the first change of the valley.

Tang Yanren.

She watched it several times, and the four people around me also watched it.

Yuan Caihe murmured to talk to himself. No wonder you just said that after drinking the soup to check the body, you can be discharged from the hospital, and the gene pollution index of 20 % at once. Now the gene pollution is only 28 %.Gu Yin’s index when he graduated from college more than ten years ago.

Jiang Gui was shocked, and he quickly held the bowl to Gu Yin: "Daughter -in -law, and a little soup base, lick."

Then ready to put the soup and meat in the pot immediately.

Liu Fen hit him and blame: "The frizzy hands were not washed. Don’t move this soup. I have already placed the order to buy the highest -level insulation lunch box to install it.Left! "

Originally nodded.

Criticized Gu Yin.

"Don’t make comparison in front of Gu Xing’s kitchen in the future. It is said that it is not delicious and not delicious. What happened to the amomumacchus and littero.You can find such a craft outside? And this blood -raising soup, you must give me all a drop of drinking. You are not allowed to leave. You are not pregnant now that the chicken will be eaten by the chicken today! You ca n’t waste good things at all!You waste me, I am in a hurry with you! "

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