Novel: The ex -wife of the guy can’t see the dancer, find a mixed mixed with her pregnancy, she has to ask the guy for help

At a gynecological hospital, a woman took the doctor’s examination report sheet, and some decadent leaned in the corner of the hospital.

The patients who came and came and went seemed to be irrelevant to her. Li Jiaojiao had a painful expression on his face, as if something bad happened.

She looked at the report sheet in her hand helplessly, and she was uncomfortable.

I had not had a period of time for a while, so I came to the gynecological hospital for examination to see what the reason is and why menstruation is irregular.

But I did not expect to go to the hospital to pass the doctor’s examination and found that I was pregnant.

At this moment, Li Jiaojiao knew that the reason why such an accident occurred now is likely that the last time those little hunter stain himself, so he was unexpectedly pregnant.

Before that, a series of things I did was very clean, and I didn’t go to bed with other men at all.

Thinking of this, Li Jiaojiao didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

At this moment, Li Jiao’s heart is of course very clear. According to the current situation, everything is relatively troublesome.

Therefore, you must come up with a reasonable solution to deal with these problems in order to avoid other accidents and ensure that everything is done very smoothly.

Now that you are pregnant, you should think about how to solve it instead of escaping, otherwise the situation will only make the situation more troublesome.

However, with the ability of yourself alone, there may be no way to solve these problems at all. After all, these things are caused by Jiang Yu now.

In this case, let Fang Shuo know what Jiang Yu did with him.

Jiang Yu should also pay the corresponding price.

It is absolutely impossible to swallow it by yourself. Why do you have to endure Jiang Yu everywhere, and why should you bear these consequences by yourself?

After thinking of here, Li Jiaojiao held his fist subconsciously and had a cold expression on his face.

She went to the stairs of the hospital and called Fang Shuo’s phone directly.

Look at Li Jiaojiao.Fang Shuo narrowed his eyes gently, and he didn’t know why the other party suddenly called himself.

But it seems that there must be something important, otherwise it will never be so sudden.

As a result, Fang Shuo did not continue to rub, but directly answered the phone that Li Jiaojiao called him.

"Hey, what happened? What happened? Why is there something tightly for me to call me suddenly? Why did you think of me now?"

"Woohoo … you must help me …"

Li Jiaojiao said crying.

Fang Shuo rubbed his temples: "What happened? What do you tell me, I will help you, if you encounter any difficulties, I will help you find a solution."

"This is very troublesome, but maybe only you can support me, others can’t help me at all."

While Li Jiaojiao said, he wiped the tears in the corner of his eyes.

"what is going on?"

Li Jiaojiao bit his lips: "I … I’m pregnant …"

Fang Shuo was actually a little surprised in this result. Although Li Jiaojiao worked at the nightclub, he should also be a more sensible woman.

Li Jiaojiao worked at the nightclub on weekdays to earn some money. She is not a woman who loves to provoke.

Why do you suddenly get pregnant unexpectedly? What is the inside story of this?

Moreover, the reason why the other party calls himself now shows that this pregnancy is indeed an accident.

Soon Fang Shuo came up with a possibility.

After all, the nightclub is mixed, and it is likely that Li Jiaojiao was bullied, so he was pregnant unexpectedly.

If that, everything else can be explained.

"What’s going on? Are you bullied?"

"These things have something to do with Jiang Yu, that is, because of Jiang Yu, it will become this end. At first, she called a bunch of small bruises and defiled me."

When Li Jiaojiao said here, the expression on his face became a little ugly.

This is a bad thing for yourself, but now this kind of privacy is to say it with a scalp and a man.

But only this can change what you are facing now.

If you do n’t tell Fang Shuo, only what you face will become worse, and that result is of course unwilling to accept it.

"How could Jiang Yu do such a thing?"

Fang Shuo’s face with a somewhat surprised expression.

But thinking about it, he felt that Jiang Yu was indeed a person who might make such excessive actions.

"Where are you? I am looking for you now, it’s okay, I will help you to support you, and it will help you to preside over justice."

Li Jiaojiao told Fang Shuo the hospital he was going to.

Fang Shuo nodded: "Okay, then you wait for me in the hospital, and now I immediately go to find you. After I passed, we will discuss how to deal with these things next."

Hanging up the phone, Fang Shuo thought of Jiang Yu’s series of things, in fact, he was a little irritable, and Jiang Yu would do such an excessive behavior.

He did not continue to waste time. Instead, he went to the hospital and watched Li Jiaojiao hanging his head at the entrance seat of the hospital. It was very frustrated. Fang Shuo knew that this matter must have a great impact on her.

He walked quickly: "What is going on? What did Jiang Yu do to you?"

"I was bullied by a few small mess that day … All of them were sent by Jiang Yu, because I was too close to you, so Jiang Yu could do this to hurt me like this …"

"Now I am pregnant, I don’t know how to deal with these issues next, and I don’t know what to do to make everything be plain."

Fang Shuo thought about it, and looked at Li Jiaojiao in front of him.

In fact, Fang Shuo knows that the most important thing in this situation is to help Li Jiaojiao handle the children in the belly first.

Otherwise, if you keep dragging down, it will only make the situation more troublesome. Since this child is an accident, it should be resolved earlier.

"I think it is better to deal with the fetus in the abdomen first. I will accompany you to abortion. I will give you corresponding compensation afterwards. I will never do anything without doing anything. I will definitely compensate you and will not let you lose."

"After all, Jiang Yu really hurts you. I won’t sit and don’t care."

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