Novel: The president forced his wife to abortion three times, and the doctor warned:

"Are you going to the hospital today?" The man leaned on the sofa, holding a cigarette in his hand, and looked at Ye Ziyi coldly.

Mu Fengnian has such a ability, but only a look can make Ye Ziyi tremble. Her hand shook in her sleeves was a little shaking, but she tried to control herself: "Yes."

"What?" The man spit out a cigarette ring, and his deep eyes stared at her through the smoke for a moment.

"I came to my aunt, my stomach hurts, so I went to the doctor to check it." Ye Ziyi panicked.

She was pregnant, but did not dare to tell Mu Fengnian.

Because she knew that there was only one result of Mu Fengnian, that was to kill.

For three years with Mu Fengnian, she shed three children in total.

The doctor said that she had too many miscarriage and the uterine wall was very thin. If she had an abortion surgery, she would become a habitual abortion. There may not be children in this life.

And how much Ye Ziyi is eager to have a child, she wants a child, a child with Mu Fengnian.

But she also knew that Mu Fengnian would not let her conceive his child.

He hates her that way, how could it make her give birth to his child?

Ye Ziyi always hurts every time she comes to her aunt. Mu Fengnian probably believes that he didn’t ask anymore, but just smoked quietly.

Ye Ziyi relieved and squeezed a smile: "Hungry, what do I want to eat for you?"

Mu Fengnian did not answer, and continued to keep a posture smoking, the smoke flavor was uncomfortable. Ye Ziyi retreated and had a discussion tone: "Can I do your favorite powder steamed meat?"

When the words fell, the man suddenly laughed, threw the cigarette butt in his hand, and spit out a word slowly: "Go to the hospital to do her tomorrow!"

Ye Ziyi froze, staring at his face stiffly, his lips trembled, and he wanted to say anything, but he couldn’t say anything.

Mu Fengnian slowly stood up: "Xiao Xiao’s health is not good, I don’t want her to worsen because of this condition!"

Is he explaining?

A anger came out of Ye Ziyi’s chest. For the first time, she stared at Mu Fengnian with her neck: "Do you think about her, what am I?"

Ye Ziyi regretted this sentence. She asked Mu Fengnian if she was asking for hard work.

Sure enough, the next second he came back desertedly: "Are you right?"

Ye Ziyi’s eyes are a little moist, yeah, she has always been nothing for Mu Fengnian. Why is it still unclear now?

She pushed back the mist in her eyes, "Mu Fengnian, even if I am nothing, but you can’t deny her, she is your child."

There is no expression on the man’s face. "For me, only one woman in this world is equipped with me to have children."

So did he say that she was not worthy of having a child?

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