Novel: Wife died in pregnancy, her husband dreamed of her marriage, and came to the grave on the second day, crying and crying

Cheng Huadong’s wife died, and this incident made Cheng East China sad.Their husband and wife had a deep relationship when they came together freely. Just a few days ago, their wives bought a few groups of wool and said that they wanted to knit a sweater and embroidered two rhododendrons on the sweater to make the sweater become this world.Unique models.But at this time, the wool was still placed in the bamboo basket, but Cheng Huadong’s wife died.

Cheng Huadong’s wife died of drunk driving.Theoretically speaking, it is minimal to be a blame for driving for driving.But Cheng Huadong’s wife couldn’t think so, because Cheng Huadong’s wife was preparing for pregnancy, she did not like to drink, and she had no need to drink and entertain. She never stained any alcohol!Cheng Huadong could not accept the drunk driving accident.

Although he couldn’t accept it, the police’s investigation results showed that at six o’clock on the night of the death of Cheng Huadong’s wife, she stopped the car in the seller and bought a bottle of 52 degrees of ordinary white wine from the small sales department.At seven o’clock in the evening, Cheng Huadong’s wife accident, and the results of the autopsy showed that the deceased had a large amount of alcohol before his death, which had reached the degree of drunk driving.In the existing monitoring display, her wife was always the only one in the car.

So what is going on?

After the police ended the case, Cheng Huadong’s mind was still struggling with this problem, and he did not know if he had a dream and night every day. He began to dream of his wife frequently.The picture.That night, he dreamed of her again, at a wedding scene.

His wife was a bride, but the groom was not him.

"Nian Nian …"

Cheng Huadong was a little anxious and called his wife’s name, but no matter how he called his wife, he was unmoved.He wanted to run over to pull her, but he couldn’t raise his legs how to struggle. When his wife exchanged the ring with the groom, he woke up sharply and night sweats.From this dream, he dreamed of his wife’s frequency higher, and every time was a similar scene.

The so -called similar is that the picture is clear and complete at a time. This time Cheng East China can almost see the groom’s face, and his own feet can finally move.After calling his wife, he could clearly see the pain and tears in his wife’s eyes, and she was looking forward to him to save her!Cheng Huadong’s mind was tightly twisted, without any hesitation, rushing towards his wife and the groom!

Ten meters, nine meters … two meters, one meter … Just in front of him, he could touch his wife and took her away to rescue her, but the picture disappeared in an instant.Cheng Huadong woke up again.When he glanced at the sky outside the window, the sky was still drowsy for the night.Is the world of his wife live like this?What is her wife experienced at this moment?

How do she live now.If you can’t do it in the dream, it is reality.Of course, he is not choosing life and death.

When the genius was slightly bright, Cheng East China had already reached his wife’s cemetery.The wife was buried in a public cemetery, occupying a very small position. At this time, there was a large bunch of Bai Baihe in that position.Lily is still very beautiful, it is new.Who put it?Cheng Huadong flashed a trivial question in his mind.But some things are collapsed from a small start.

The wife died unexpectedly, and her husband dreamed that she married someone else. The truth came to the grave the next day.

Cheng Huadong’s eyes widened, and he responded sharply. Why did he have such a dream?Why can’t I save my wife?And why do wives who never drink died in drunk driving!


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