Novel: Wife was forced to donate blood by her husband when she was pregnant. "Sir, my wife can no longer get pregnant again"

"Please, believe me, okay …" The woman on the bed curled up, begging the man in front of him.

"Believe you? Will my eyes look wrong?!" The man pulled over a weak woman, holding Shan Qing’s neck tightly.

"I don’t, I really don’t!" Shan Qing instinctively resisted.

"No! How could those photos get in my hand!" Liao Shikun held Shan Qing’s hair with his other hand, leaning down his face, staring at her eyes.

"You can’t do this, I, I’m pregnant!"

"It’s that wild man!" Liao Shikun not only stopped, but intensified.

"Yes … you …" Shan Qing’s body painful, he did not expect that Liao Shikun would not believe her!

At first she married him without hesitation, and let him be able to endure her all kinds of doubts about her.It’s just that she will never compromise on the child’s problem.

"Don’t want to be a wild species, saying that it is my child!" Liao Shikun grabbed Shan Qing’s hair, forcing her head to rise upwards, and the pain that the scalp was involved made her burst into tears.

"I feel wronged?" Liao Shikun said, Shan Qing suppressed his emotions, and let the tears fall, just didn’t say a word.

"It seems that I let you be too idle, but dare to steal it with me! But it doesn’t matter, you will definitely not see that wild man in the future." Liao Shikun’s eyes were cold, and it seemed that only such a vent can reduce the anger of your heart.

"You’re too much!" Shan Qing couldn’t see Liao Shikun’s self -righteousness, and it was so good regardless of the blue and red soap.

Those photos were obviously PS, why did he not believe it.

Shan Qing bit his lips and sobbed in a low voice.

"It’s distressed? The next one is your turn!"

"Divorce!" Shan Qing was paralyzed by the bed, begging coldly.

Liao Shikun paused, "Don’t think about playing tricks, do you think you can leave?"

Liao Shikun’s words were cold, and he was attentive.Shan Qing covered tears and protect the baby in his stomach.

"What do you want? Didn’t you always want to divorce me? Now I agree, shouldn’t you be happy?"

Maybe only divorce is liberation, and the marriage that is desperate to maintain it, but it is unsatisfactory.

"You want to keep that wild species, I won’t let you do it!" As soon as the words fell, Liao Shikun raised his feet to Shan Qing’s belly.

The familiar telephone ringing sounded, Shan Qing sat on the ground with his stomach covering his stomach, and listened to the ringtone.

"What! Need to change blood? I will pass … Okay …" Liao Shikun turned to Shan Qing.

Shan Qing immediately had a bad hunch.

"Go to the hospital with me!" Liao Shikun pulled Shan Qing, no matter whether she was willing, he had to walk to the door.

Shan Qing grasped the handrail of the stairs tightly and shouted, "I won’t go! I don’t go!"

No matter how she shouted her throat, she couldn’t help it.

"This can not be you!" Liao Shikun opened Shan Qing’s hands and dragged him out.

"I don’t want to go to the hospital, don’t go to the hospital …"

"That’s your sister. At first, she had dropped this condition to save you, and now you are unwilling to change blood for her!" Liao Shikun dragged Shan Qing, like dragging an object.

"Fake! It’s all fake! She doesn’t save me, you are deceived by her!"

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