Official announcement: Paris failed!Do you know how crazy is the mating and breeding of mice?

Recently, Paris has announced the failure of mouse control!do you know?The number of mice in Paris has reached an amazing 6 million, twice as more than the population!These mice are not only overbearing on the streets, parks, and rivers, but they also go to school, restaurants, and houses to eat and bite, making people feel unsuspecting.Do you see mice in your city?

Why are there so many mice in Paris?There are many reasons, such as the complex urban environment, providing a lot of places for mice to hide and reproduce; the climate is mild, there is no cold or hot season to limit the activity of mice; the population is dense;Source; there is also a very strong breeding ability of the mouse itself.

According to research, a pair of mice can give birth to thousands of offspring a year!The mice are mating crazy all year round. Female rats are only more than 20 days of pregnancy. Each child can give birth to 5 to 10 young rats, and sometimes even 17!Young rats can be mature 2 to 3 months after birth, and began to mate crazy mating.In this way, the number of mice will grow in exponential levels, and it will soon occupy the entire city.

The harm that mice brought us are not small.First of all, mice will spread a variety of diseases, such as plague, hook -end spiral disease, Hantan virus, and so on.Some of these diseases are fatal and some can cause serious sequelae.Moreover, the germs of mice not only infected humans by biting or feces, but also can infect other animals through fleas or other parasites.

Secondly, rats will bite a lot, such as we eat, wear, furniture, wires, pipelines, etc.In order to maintain the length and sharpness of the teeth, mice must constantly bite things.This will cause our items to deteriorate, deform, fail, and even cause fire or floods.

Also, mice will affect our quality of life and mental health.They make various noise and bad odor, disturb our sleep and rest.And many people have a sense of fear or disgust about mice, and they feel panic or nausea when they see mice.

So the question is, govern mice, do you have any ruthless tricks?

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