Old girl: Some friends dream of you, some places are very real …

You see, this is the message sent me more than three o’clock in the morning, and she told a dream about you.I read this text several times, which is really accurate. For example, you love to eat amaranth. Every spring, we dig some in the wild, or buy some in the morning market, make dumplings or buns.Speaking of dumplings and buns, you are really a good hand, and the bag is delicious and beautiful.Last week, her mother and sisters wrapped their buns in their homes, and they were wrapped in. The mother suddenly said to her younger sister, "The buns of your sister -in -law are so delicious …" In addition, you love to eat potato shreds, and I like to use a backpack.The text below is sent by my friends …

"Teacher XX, at three o’clock in the morning, suddenly woke up and had a dream, dreaming of your lover and you. It’s strange that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I have always been sleeping.Sleeping until dawn. After waking up, I want to tell you to tell you, I am afraid that I will forget to sleep again. It may also be because I read an article on the headline yesterday. Your text is too delicate.My thoughts made me feel distressed by this stranger …

"This is the way to dream: you go to my house for dinner. There are amaranth buns in my refrigerator. These amaranth buns are actually your beloved bag, and the refrigerator has been frozen a lot. I gave you hot and hot, and I felt that because it was frozen.I fried on both sides again with a pot. You burst into tears after eating a bite. You said that you haven’t eaten your lover’s meal for a long time.Saying that your lover stir -fry potato shreds like to add a little honey, I try to make you a stir -fried potato shredded with honey. You said it is not as delicious as your lover fry …

"After eating the buns in my house, I took all the buns in the refrigerator to you before leaving (because it was your lover’s bag).It is your beloved bag, probably because from the description of your article, knowing that your lover is kind and enthusiastic …

"My child is 5 years old this year. Four and a half years ago, I took maternity leave, because no one took care of my child. At that time, I asked a nanny to help me see the children for two years., I often take children to play in the community. Others think they are the children’s grandmother. Later, because she had special circumstances in her family, she couldn’t bring me. She wrapped me a lot of buns before leaving, steamed some steamed buns, and fried some fruits.It is full of my refrigerator. I associate your lover with my nanny. Don’t mind. Maybe because they are all good people who are kind, love clean, and cook …

"In a dream, like those photos you usually post, you wear a red cashmere sweater, jeans, and smile. He tells me that she is very distressed in your current state, very distressed, I hope you are good …"

Seeing the information of this friend, my tears flowed freely.Three years, how are you?Do you know you really miss you?You have gone further and further in the past three years, but I have been waiting for you in place.I am not lonely, but I am very desperate, because I really want to see your smile, I want to hear your voice, I want to go out for a spring tour with you, and I want to make dumplings with you.Even if you want to quarrel with you, it will never be possible … lover, do you still like amaranth dumplings or buns now?Is there in heaven?A few days ago, I saw an article. On the 5th anniversary of the 3.11 earthquake, Japan’s NHK TV station filmed a documentary called "The Phone Pavilion of the Wind".It is about a strange phone booth in Japan’s Damocho. The phone inside is not wiring, but in 5 years, more than 30,000 calls are allocated from here.Within only 30 minutes during the earthquake, the 13 -meter waves destroyed the small seaside town, 861 people died, and 421 people have "lost contact" or "missing" so far.The location of the telephone kiosk is high and has not been rushed away by water.Shortly after the earthquake, many people came here to call here -a old man with a pale hair and called the disappeared son in the earthquake.I do n’t give up my heart about how many years. "A grandmother said that her husband’s biggest wish was to watch the children grow up.Now they grow up healthily.That day, she took two little boys to call the grandfather disappeared in the tsunami: "Hey, grandpa, is your body good? I will be in the fourth grade after 3 semesters."My brother went on to my brother," Grandpa Okawa, all my homework is done. Also, everyone is good. "A middle -aged mother always comes with two other mothers. My friend encouraged her to encourage her.After many times, I finally walked into the phone booth.On the phone, she cried and said to her son, "Every time I drive in a car. I feel like you are back." A middle -aged man choked on the phone: "Wife), Yicheng (1 year old son) is gone. Forgive me, forgive me for not being able to save you. "Someone had persuaded him to forget and let go, he said," It’s really sad. But if I am sad,Just try to forget the family’s affairs, who else to prove that they have survived? So I will never forget to die. "There is a middle -aged man who picked up the microphone for a long time.Finally said: "Child, her mother, where are you? Come back, so lonely."

A few days ago I cried and read this article.I know the protagonist in the article.In the three years after you left, I want to send you information and call you someday, talk to your photos every night, and you call your wife walking in the video.Although you never respond to me, I know, you must listen, right?As a friend like Japan said, "" It is really sad, but if I try to forget my family because of sadness, who else has proved that they have survived? So I will never forget to die. "

I don’t want to forget you. I want to be the last person in this world who miss you and care about you. No matter how good you are in heaven, I have to love you and tell the world that you have been here– Lovers, I miss you!How bright, beautiful, and how excited people are, but my heart is painful, because we separate in March, and one separation is a boundless reincarnation. I have no harbor.Maybe meet each other, maybe no see, the fate of our life has been broken since then, maybe I never see it again, but I still have so many words to tell you, there are so many stories to tell you, and there is so that soI want to solicit your opinions, I love you, I haven’t loved enough, and I will never see it again in the future!

Lover, my colleagues talked about you a few days ago, saying that you are not only warm, but also have a strong ability to work and have a good writing.Speaking of your writing, I remembered that when I was working in Beijing 20 years ago, we wrote through emails every day.Recently I watched those emails again, and I felt that you talked to me in heaven:

"Your red -top house is covered with affectionate green vines, full of rose like a brilliant rose. This is your season. This is your spring. This is your unparalleled festival. The years are like dawn.In the sea, the rolling waves are the flutter of the surging sea. It is like a philosopher telling everyone to cherish life, cherish our every day, and cherish the most beautiful love in the world. On the hurried life, it is difficult to find a confidant.It’s hard to find, the mountains and rivers have its fascinating charm, but since ancient times, there are several people who can truly taste the sweetheart of the people. You think, the world, all beings, you know which one is yourZhongzi Qi, I think this is the most difficult form of the world. I love life, because you have you, there are relatives and friends who are dear and love.To go, let us support each other, inspire each other, walk out of a bright future, walk out of a tomorrow full of sunshine and flowers! At this moment, I do n’t know what you are doing. At this timeBoil wine and let the light red our face. Our gentle words come slowly, immerse themselves in our hearts, drink a bite of wine, and talk with each other. It is best to have a snow outside the window.Silent, I can exact the beautiful charm of beauty -I hope you can also communicate with my soul in the distance, and you can think of me at this time … "

Now, you are in my distance, I’m in your distance.I miss you from afar, will you think of me occasionally?Lover, don’t think about me, miss someone too bitter, especially the miss of the world and heaven, not just a kind of suffering, but also a kind of despair!

After a lapse of 20 years, I look at the words you wrote to me that year, so you can do the letter you wrote from heaven- "I like to stay alone on Liangtai to see the sunset. Look, hang in the WestWith a round of red fireball, it is so warm and so generous, like a kind old man who is talking about his past glory, reminiscent of the shortness of life and helplessness in life. Are you doing today? Last night, stillThe stars are bright, but tonight is already light and vegetables, and the worry is like a touch of clouds wrapped around the heart, and the eyebrows are lingering for a long time., I am happy for a while, sad for a while, and danced with hands when I was happy.The joy of joy is like the mottled rain marks on the old wall of Xi Zhao Street, which is very impressive to draw a feeling that will make your thoughts fly very far. The rain is coming.If you are full of ink brushes, splash at will. It is a beautiful picture after the rain. I always tell myself that I will look forward to tomorrow. There will be another new sun tomorrow.I have forgotten everything in this world. People are asleep and dreaming of them. No one listens to me when I am awake. Do you listen? I think you will listen, because you are far away in a foreign country.My lover, you must have it if you feel … "

Lover, I am listening, I have been listening to your voice and mind. I listened to it for 30 years, and I didn’t hear enough. Why did you turn around and leave?Today is March 16, 2019, and three years ago, we all suffered from being unbearable. Now you have been relieved and happy, but I miss you very much. I want to call you another wife,Then I eat with you, watch TV, walk a dog, and rest, I want to let you urge me to sleep, get up, and I want to hear you and say, "Get up soon, otherwise you will be late …"

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