Once an accident occurs during pregnancy, what circumstances need to be kept?How to protect the fetus reasonably?

Ping An’s fertility after pregnancy is the wish of all parents. However, in the process of conceiving in October, some "small" accidents will be encountered from time to time, causing the prospective parents to be caught off guard.Frequent babies have a little "wind blowing grass", and they can’t wait to protect their tires.But under what circumstances need to be kept?How to protect the fetus reasonably?How to reasonably diet?Because this field is too professional, many parents often "confused."

01. As long as there is bleeding, do you have to keep your fetus?

Seeing vaginal bleeding when pregnant mothers, the first reaction is often: "Is my baby wrong? Is it okay?"

In fact, vaginal hemorrhage is a common phenomenon in each pregnancy stage.

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is relatively common. In addition to signs of miscarriage and loss of pregnancy, it is often derived from the normal physiological process of pregnancy bed. Of course, it is necessary to exclude terrible "ectopic pregnancy".In the middle and late pregnancy, there are occasional occurrences. In addition to seeing redness and giving birth, it is also good for "severe" diseases such as the incomplete cervical function, the premature placenta and the premature peeling of the placenta (endangering the life of the mother).

Some clinical studies have pointed out that the efficacy of stable aura abortions, threatened premature premature patients in hospitalization, and outpatient clinics did not significantly differences.Don’t panic when you find bleeding. Come to the hospital in time, let the doctor help to investigate. First of all, the cause is clear.

If you are really uneasy, you can appropriately apply some traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. The prevention effect of traditional Chinese medicine is still very good, but don’t treat it too much.

02. As long as abdominal pain occurs, do you have to keep your fetus?

The causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy are complicated, because factors such as increasing uterine increases, organ location changes, and relaxation of the abdominal walls make it more difficult to check and position, and some pregnancy physiological changes are highly similar to internal and surgical diseases.

For example, the normal stretching of the round ligament in the early pregnancy may cause mild pelvic pain. Normal fetal movements, intermittent pseudo contractions, uterine enlargement, and labor in normal pregnancy are also related to abdominal pain.In addition to obstetrics and gynecology, there are also other internal and surgical diseases in addition to obstetrics and gynecology.

Therefore, there is no small matter for abdominal pain. The reason is complicated. It is recommended to treat early treatment early. The main purpose is to "treat the disease" instead of preservation.If the doctor judges that there is nothing abnormal, you should eat and drink.

03. Once a progesterone is low, do I have to keep their fetus?

Although the supplementation of progesterone related to abortion and auxiliary fertility technology is very popular, it can indeed achieve good results, but there are still many controversy in specific effects.

"New England Medicine" has published a study and found that patients with unknown relapse abortion patients have no significant reduction in the chance of abortion after the treatment of progesterone in early pregnancy.

my country’s guidelines also point out that except for the re -pregnancy of precious abortion, recurrence abortion during early and late pregnancy, and adaptation of the adaptation of the gestational cycle, progestin supplements should still be cautious.And the secretion of progesterone in early pregnancy presents pulses, and fluctuates very large. Even if the progesterone value is low, the embryo development is abnormal.

Therefore, low progesterone does not necessarily need to keep tires. Although it is useful for progesterone supplements, doctors still need comprehensive judgment of doctors!

04, keep the fetus, have to lie down all the time?

The American Obstetrics and Gynecologist Society declares that although patients with threatened abortion or aura premature birth are recommended to rest and supplement liquid, these measures have not proved to be effective in preventing premature birth and should not be routinely recommended.At the same time, there is a study for pregnant women who have incomplete cervical function.The "Guidelines for the Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Premature Pastation" in my country also clearly states that there is no evidence to support "bed rest" is an effective prevention method for premature birth.

In addition, long -term "lying flat tires" will also increase the risk of venous thrombosis, osteoporosis, muscle abolition atrophy, and affect cardiopulmonary function and digestive function.

It is only clear that the abdominal pain with a large amount of vaginal bleeding with vaginal bleeding, bright red, existing sub -membrane or undercuffed hematoma, primary placenta and vaginal hemorrhage symptoms, cervical ring tie operation, premature fetal membrane breakdown, etc. It is recommended to reduce activities.Even so, resting in bed is not the same as lying flat, you still have to ask your teammates to press massage and do ankle pump yourself.

05. Is the fetal protection?

Whenever he is a disease or special physiological time, patients always love to consult doctors for taboos and preferences, and various bloggers on the Internet also like to produce various recipes and strategies.However, when you enter the clinic, except for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure controls, you need to control sugar and controlling salt, doctors often answer: appropriate amount, balance, and diversification.

In fact, a balanced diet nutrition is enough, no additional supplement.Now there are too many pregnant mothers with excess nutrition, and they are generally excess nutrition.

Note: The happiness of lying flat during pregnancy may be the potential risk factors of the fetus too large, unsatisfactory childbirth, and difficult weight loss.

The causes of abortion and premature birth are complicated. Blind fetal protection is not only invalid, but may even be harmed.As for folk fetuses and various health products, they must be far away.All in all, should we guarantee it?How to effectively protect the fetus?The comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of a professional doctor requires personalized health care and treatment. Do not hear the way and take it for granted.

This article is Jiang Ping, deputy chief physician of the Reproductive Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reproduced and sorted out the public account of the "Medical Community Obstetrics and Gynecology Channel" public account.

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