Once wearing jeans, the belly button itching, the culprit is two metal buttons

Many people have heard of seafood allergies, mango allergies, pollen allergies, and cosmetics allergies. Few people know that a small buttons can also cause allergies.Recently, Ms. Wang, who lives in Qiao Si, came to the Dermatology Department of Yuhang Fifth Hospital with doubts.

The rash on the navel is related to metal allergies

"Doctor, I am always dark around my belly button, and often the rash is very itchy. What is going on?"

Dr. Qi observed the skin around Ms. Wang’s belly button, and found the clue: "Do you worship the rash on the stomach every time you wear a pants with metal buckles?"

"Yes, how do you know the doctor?" Ms. Wang was surprised.

It turned out that Dr. Qi found that Ms. Wang was wearing a pair of jeans and two metal buckles and metal zippers on her pants. From the back of the pants, metal buckles and zipper could directly contact the skin.Ms. Wang’s rash just distributed on the skin of metal contact, and she inferred that the rash caused by metal allergies.

Ms. Wang told the doctor that this situation has lasted for more than half a year. Sometimes changing to pants with tight bands, the situation will be better. As long as she wears pants with zipper or metal buckle, the rash will increase.Over time, the skin around the navel becomes dark and rough.

Through the consultation, Dr. Qi also found that Ms. Wang also had allergies to the metal jewelry of counterfeit. After wearing it, she had symptoms of itching and redness.

"This is a typical symptom of metal allergies." Dr. Qi told Ms. Wang that the metal buttons and zippers on her pants belong to alloy, generally nickel.When patients with nickel allergies come into contact with such alloys, they are prone to allergic reactions.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent allergies

"At present, about 10%of women in the world and 5%of men in the world are allergic to nickel element contained in metals. Some people are more sensitive to stainless steel and cobalt elements." Dr. Qi said that once allergies occur, contact with the surrounding are in contact with the surrounding people.Skin can appear in contact dermatitis such as redness, itching, and yellow water, and even cause ulcers.Once the weather turns hot, the chemical components in sweat will make the metal elements more easily penetrate into the skin, so the skin "ulceration" will be more serious.

How to deal with metal allergies?

Dr. Qi’s support, the most direct and effective way for patients with metal allergies is to isolate the source of allergies.First of all, pure gold and silver, nickel -free jewelry should be selected. Metal buttons and zippers can be replaced with plastic products. The belt does not require metal heads. Patients with myopia choose non -metallic frame glasses to avoid direct contact with the skin.

"When sweating a lot, you should immediately remove the jewelry to prevent the chemical reactions from sweat and jewelry to make allergies more serious. The patient’s daily diet should avoid spicy foods such as spicy and greasy, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that enhance the body’s immunity to prevent prevention and prevent it.The occurrence of allergies. "Dr. Qi mentioned that for patients with contact dermatitis, under the guidance of a doctor, they can use ointment to rescue urgency and alleviate allergies.Those who are suspected to be allergic to metal are recommended to go to a regular hospital for allergen testing.

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