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Papaya flowers are the flowers of papaya.

Papaya has eaten almost everyone, that is, the famous melon that is crowned with breasts and beauty, but there are not many people who have seen papaya trees. Papaya flowers are blooming on the papaya tree. Therefore, most people should have never seen it.I am also one of most people.

Or let’s get to know the papaya tree together!

Today is also the first sight of me and the papaya tree. I did not expect that the papaya tree has such elegant and beautiful leaves. The fruit is not like the side branches like apples and pears.The trunk was surrounded by the wind.

However, in a strict sense, it is not papaya, it is a papaya.If you like the Book of Songs, you must be no stranger to "Papaya" in the Book of Songs: "Vote me with papaya, report it to Qiong.The rhythm, the papaya mentioned in it is actually not the fruit papaya we usually eat.

The papaya in the Book of Songs is not the same as the fruit papaya we usually eat. The fruit papaya we usually eat is a foreign species, also known as the "sippede". It was only introduced to China in the late Ming Dynasty.The plant is a family of Rosaceae, which blooms in the late spring, but its fruits are unbearable without processing.

"Vote me with papaya, report it to Qiong. The bandit also thinks that it is good!" Papaya has a child, symbolizing women. If a woman is given with papaya, it means that the Book of Songs are subtle and romantic.Essence

However, the papaya in the Book of Songs is not the same as the fruit papaya we usually eat. The fruit papaya we usually eat is a foreign species, also known as the "sippede"."," Onion "and other species have similar naming methods, that is, species with the names of" Fan "and" foreign "are introduced from overseas.The papaya in the Book of Songs is the native species of China. It is a family of Rosaceae. It blooms in the end of spring, but its fruits are unbearable.

So, what kind of papaya is our protagonist papaya flower today?The answer is the papaya in the Book of Songs. In fact, it is a scholarly begonia, also known as wrinkled skin papaya. It is a deciduous shrub in Rosaceae and Papaya. It can be up to 2 meters high. Do you see, is it much shorter than Papaya?After flowering, the long leaves are blooming, the flowers are 3-5 clusters, and the stems are extremely short.

"Clear Records" records: A person named Duan Wenchang uses a papaya tree to make a foot basin, washing his feet with water, and the effect of feet and knee health. He used all property for health care for longevity.Therefore, later generations called the wrinkled skin papaya as "iron -footed pear" to show the strength of wrinkled skin papaya.

The papaya melon of "Surge in Papaya" in "Book of Songs"

"Breast Enhancement Beauty" fruit sanctuaulu book

According to "Traditional Chinese Medicine": Papaya, this product is the fruit of the begonia family plants.Because harvesting and processing need to cut fresh papaya with a knife as two petals, and take 3-4 days of supper. When the water in the scoop is dry and the color becomes red, it will be tanned to the whole dry. Therefore, in Chinese medicine, its peel is often wrinkleSo it is called "wrinkled papaya".In Chinese medicine, papaya also has an alias "榠 hawthorn".

Papaya flower

The flowering of the bells of the stalks is slightly later than other species of begonia flowers, and the color is also the most gorgeous in the begonia.

"The east wind is glowing, and the fragrance mist is empty and the moon turns the corridor. I am afraid that I will sleep in the middle of the night, so I will burn the candle and take the red makeup."Su Shi’s "Begonia" was written in the bells of the stalk. At that time, the poet was degraded in Huangzhou and faced the scarlet and gorgeous stalk Begonia, chanting the eternal singing.

Poetry of talented Tang Bohu in "Begonia Beauty Picture": Fading the east wind full of makeup, poor butterfly powder and bee.Who can say from now on, who can say that spring heart is paid."

In the poetry and paintings of literati, the beauty of Begonia is evident.

Begonia can be observed with flowers and fruits. The fruit also has rich nutritional value and medicinal value.

Having said so much, it turns out that papaya flowers are stubborn begonia, and the papaya we usually eat is not a kind of melon. Beauty and breast enhancement papaya is called Papaya.It is a plant of Rosaceae, and even the family is different. The flowers of the papaya are yellow, and the flowers of wrinkles and papaya are red.

Uh, think about it again, the phrase in the Book of Songs, "Vote me with papaya, report it to Qiong. The bandit also thinks it!", You give me a papaya, I will give you a piece of jade, if the woman vote for it,The man who likes the favorite is a stupid papaya. You make up for your brain. Whether the romantic atmosphere is discounted. If the male god looks younger, it may be smashed by this big melon to be smashed by this big melon.Dizzy, how can you "forever"!The first thing to wake up must be running with legs!Haha, let’s talk about it, maybe before it was cast, I couldn’t get it, so I had to put them on the ground and shouted others from mentioning it.Therefore, it can only be wrinkled papaya, looks good, and throw it well!

I want to laugh myself.

If someone wants to send me melon, just send me the melon or watermelon of the Northeast, don’t throw it, don’t throw it, it will not be good if you break it.


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