Participating in the funeral during pregnancy may bring these hazards to the fetus, it is best not to go

When I was visiting the mother and baby forum yesterday, I saw a post from a pregnant mother. The content was probably this: Now 11 weeks of pregnancy, a relative died on the other side of the mother’s family, ready to go to the funeral, but the mother -in -law and father -in -law opposed that they would not let letGo, say that there is something unclean at the funeral, it will not be good for the fetus.But she thinks this is a bit superstitious, but she is also afraid that it will really affect the fetus, so now I am tangled. Do you want to go? I also want to ask netizens, can pregnant women participate in the funeral?In response to this question, many people are replying below. Basically, it is recommended not to participate, not to say superstition, but because there are the following reasons.

1. The scene is too chaotic and there is potential danger

The funeral is a very solemn occasion, but at the same time, it is also a person with a lot of people, especially some close family members. Because of the sadness and sadness, there may be some excessive behaviors. If this time, the pregnant motherJust next to it, it is easy to be affected, thus hurting yourself and the fetus.Pregnant mothers must always keep in mind that the fetal treasure is very fragile. Once it is harmed by external forces, it will cause irreparable consequences. Therefore, it will be as safe as possible in a safe environment.

2. Sadness is sad, affecting fetal development

Under normal circumstances, people only participate in the funeral of people with close relationships, so at the funeral site, they will not be able to control their sad emotions, and even crying.It is not a good thing.And sometimes, pregnant mothers have a funeral, and they can’t get up for a long time. They are unhappy every day. This will affect the normal development of the fetus and may cause the baby to be born with a strange temper.

3. Excessive exhaustion, easy to move fetal gas

When going to the funeral, you often need to run back and forth, and at the funeral site, there may be various rituals, such as kneeling or bowing. These two postures are still less wonderful for pregnant mothers.First, it will increase the burden on the stomach to compress the fetus; secondly, it may be nesting, which may affect the fetal oxygen transportation, which may cause the fetus to hypoxia.

Fourth, the food is not hygienic, it may be diarrhea

In many places, after participating in the funeral, everyone has to eat a meal together, and these meals are usually large pots.In many remote rural areas, they are directly linked to a large pot in the open air, and then they start cooking directly. These meals are difficult to guarantee. After the pregnant mother eats, diarrhea may occur.During pregnancy, diarrhea may cause contractions and have a very adverse effect on the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers should always keep their diet hygiene and safety to avoid diarrhea and abdominal pain.

According to the above, we can know that the funeral during pregnancy is not superstitious, but scientific reason.However, if the pregnant mother is very healthy and can control her emotions, it is also possible to participate in the funeral.

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