Pay attention to men and women!These 5 signals appear in the body, hurry up to prepare for pregnancy in the same room

The fellow daughter -in -law is the concern of many young couples.

I often receive a variety of consultations, such as the following patients:

"Hello, Dr. Guo, I have been married for almost two years. I have been preparing to get pregnant since I got married, but there is no movement at all. Usually, menstruation is regular, but a little bit.

Some time ago, I went to the hospital with my husband. The doctor said that my ovarian reserve function was insufficient, the AMH value was low, and the risk of premature ovarian favors.But I am only 29 years old. Why did I have premature ovarian failure so early?"

Seeing here many people may not know what it means.AMH is called anti -seedlings hormone, which is an indicator to judge ovarian function.When AMH is reduced, it is prompted that the ovarian functional reserves are not enough, which may seriously affect pregnancy.

For some people, pregnancy may be a very easy task. If the contraception is not in place, you will accidentally be pregnant.

But for some people, pregnancy is a very difficult thing, and it is carefully prepared for a year or two but can’t be pregnant.

Once the following signals appear, it is actually suggesting that the fertility has begun to decline. If you want your child’s husband and wife, it is best to start pregnancy as soon as possible.

Whether women’s ovarian, uterus, fallopian tubes, etc. can affect pregnancy normally, and problems in any link may lead to infertility.

When the female body appears below, it may be prompted that your fertility function will have problems, and you should be vigilant early.

(1) Menstrual cycle disorders

Women’s menstruation is affected by endocrine function. If menstruation occurs, it means that endocrine function may have abnormalities.For example, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, ovarian premature aging, hyperculin ledmia, and polycystic ovary and other endocrine diseases may cause menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea.

In this case, it looks like menstruation, but in fact, follicle development is abnormal or ovulation dysfunction, which will cause infertility.

(2) Decreased menstruation

How many menstruation is related to ovarian function, and on the other hand, it is also related to the endometrium.

If menstruation is reduced, you should check whether the ovarian function decreases and the endometrium is too thin. These two situations may affect pregnancy.

(3) Monthly pass through more

There are many reasons for the causes of the lunar, such as submucosal uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, ovulation -free and blood, and so on.

These diseases may also affect women’s pregnancy, causing problems such as embryos that cannot be grown or natural abortion.

(4) Long -term abdomen pain

If women have long -term abdominal pain and backache discomfort, they also need to timely check whether there are chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease may cause tubal obstruction and pelvic adhesion. These are the common causes of infertility.

(5) Dysmenorrhea

Long -term dysmenorrhea may be caused by endometriosis, with 25% to 35% of infertility women are caused by endometriosis.

Therefore, for women with dysmenorrhea, especially the dysmenorrhea that appeared later, and those with more and more severe condition, they should be checked in time.

The common causes of men’s infertility include abnormal semen quality, sexual dysfunction, congenital malformations (such as umbrella tests, urethral cracks, etc.), urogenital tract infections, varicocele and immune factors, etc. These abnormal conditions may occur.It is congenital or acquired factor, such as long -term stress, environmental factors endocrine interference, bad living habits, and so on.

Compared with women, male infertility patients (except elocal dysfunction) often do not have obvious symptoms.

However, normal sexual life does not mean that you can get pregnant. Even if you can ejaculate normally, there may be problems such as less weak essence and azoospermia, leading to infertility.

Men who have problems such as premature ejaculation do not mean that they must not be pregnant. As long as the sperm can enter the vagina, even if it is only one minute, it can be pregnant normally.

Therefore, if there is no contraception in the same room for a year, men still need to conduct routine semen examination.

If you want to get pregnant, it is a matter for the husband and wife. Any problem with any party may cause infertility.However, if both husband and wife check the problem, they also need to find the same room during ovulation, so as to maximize the chance of pregnancy.

Women’s ovulation period is about 14 days before the next menstrual period.

Generally, 1 to 2 days before ovulation, women’s secretions will increase, and transparent and viscous brushed leucorrhea will appear.If such leucorrhea is found, you can start the same room.In order to increase the chance of pregnancy, you can also arrange the same room the next day.Men’s sperm has the ability to fertilize 3 days before ovulation and 24 hours after ovulation.

However, if this is still impossible, you can also consider guiding the same room under the ultrasound monitoring of ovulation.Although this will be a bit troublesome, it will be more accurate than simply looking at leucorrhea.

Although pregnancy is a relatively simple thing for many people, when the husband and wife have the above abnormal signals on the body of the husband and wife, you must be vigilant and prepare early pregnancy. Do not miss the opportunity because of the negligence.

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Author: Dr. Guo Xiao Class

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