Pay attention to these 3 points when moving during pregnancy.

A friend Xiaoya always told me some time ago that the new house in the family was already renovated and planned to find a good weather to move, but the recent movement suddenly did not move.Yesterday we chatted and talked about this topic. Xiaoya sorry to tell me that she was pregnant, and then her mother -in -law said that she could not move after pregnancy. She was not developing well for the fetus, but she didn’t say anything about it.After listening to Xiaoya, I sighed in my heart. It seemed that many people had heard that they couldn’t move after pregnancy. So is this true?Let’s talk about the things about moving during pregnancy today.

First, why not move?

Many people say that they cannot move after pregnancy because they have heard a folklore. In this legend, after women are pregnant, there will be a fetal god in the family. The fetal god is responsible for protecting the healthy development of the fetus, and the health of the pregnant motherEssenceWhen moving, it may be alarmed or collided with the fetal god, and the fetal god will be angry, so that the fetus and pregnant mothers will not be blessed, and the development of the fetus will be blocked.Obviously this is a superstitious statement and is not credible.

From a scientific perspective, moving is a relatively hard work, and the mother’s body is relatively fragile during pregnancy, and it is really not suitable for moving.However, if the pregnant mother only stands aside, or makes some small suggestions, she does not help arrange things, and does not help carry some heavy objects. I can also move and live in a new house during pregnancy.However, there are a few points when moving.

2. Precautions for moving

1. New houses need ventilation to move in.If the pregnant mother intends to move to a new house just renovated, then the house must be ventilated for at least 3 months before moving in.Because of the newly decorated house, there will be a large amount of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a toxic gas, and the damage to the pregnant mother is particularly great. It will cause the pregnant mother to move the fetal gas, and it will cause the pregnant mother to have a miscarriage.

2. Pregnant mothers should not work too much.When moving, it is inevitable to move large furniture and heavy objects, but do not hand over these things to the pregnant mother, because when working hard, the waist and abdomen requires force.It will cause oppression to the uterus and may hurt the fetus in the abdomen.

3. Pack up the new home and stay.After moving a new home, try to clean up everything, let the pregnant mother stay in, avoid clutter in the family, and the pregnant mother bumps into herself and hurts the fetus in the abdomen.At the same time, the decoration and layout in the home should try to meet the aesthetics of the pregnant mother as much as possible, so that the pregnant mother is comfortable to live in it, and there will be no uncomfortable situation.

The above are some precautions for moving during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers who need to move can remember.In addition, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers can always hear a lot of taboos, but most of them are not scientific, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to identifying authenticity and do not believe everything.

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