Pay attention to these three points, eating "supper" can keep your health!

Recently, "Guangdong’s supper is inseparable from porridge" has become a hot talk.After the summer, it became longer and longer during the day, the city’s night was bright, and the supper market became lively. Opening the APP, barbecue and seafood porridge became the most popular supper in early summer.

Compared with barbecue, is "eating night porridge" a choice of "health supper"?Many people in early summer have gastrointestinal problems. How to choose a porridge that suits you. Can you adjust your body when you open your appetite?We invited Fan Chunhua, chief physician of the Spleen and Stomach Medicine Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, to teach the road.

"Supper" can be eaten

But pay attention to three points

When it comes to the "porridge culture" of Cantonese people, the word "night porridge" must be mentioned."In Guangdong, porridge can be used as breakfast, but also the best supper." Fan Chunhua said.

At that time, the martial arts hall in Guangdong had to practice after dinner, and the master would prepare a porridge and snack for supper.Therefore, Cantonese said that "eating night porridge" means "practicing kung fu".Most of the people who Xi martial arts also understood medicine, so if "eating night porridge", there is any benefit of "hungry medical stomach"?Fan Chunhua said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people who consume a lot of physical strength can actually eat a small amount of porridge at night.

"In terms of traditional Chinese medicine health, it is best to be quantitative, regular, and light diet in three meals.Sometimes eating supper appropriately, replenish energy, is helpful to the body. "Fan Chunhua said that it is not healthy for eating supper, but you must pay attention to some health problems:

First of all, supper should not eat more.In the health of Chinese medicine, there is the principle of "Chao Mo Xu, Momo". "Momo" means that you cannot eat too much at night, otherwise it will easily cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, just be full.

Secondly, eat supper "early".Generally speaking, it is best not to eat two hours before bedtime. Traditional Chinese medicine said that "stomach discomfort is restless". Eating too much at night will not only be difficult to digest, but also affect sleep.After eating supper, you ca n’t fall asleep when you fall. People with gastroesophageal reflux need to pay special attention.

Again, supper must be taboo.Some foods are not suitable for eating too late, otherwise there is potential risks for health.For example, eating seafood porridge in supper may cause high uric acid, and the risk of gout will increase; do not eat some food that can make people exciting, such as ginger, astragalus, red ginseng and other large -replenishment of warm food materials, which will also affect the affectSleep.

Fan Chunhua said that the life pressure of contemporary people is relatively stressed, the weather is changing in early summer, and it is prone to poor sleep. If you add some lotus seeds, lily, jujube and other ingredients to the "night porridge", you can also supplement blood, liver, soothe the gods, soothe the gods, and soothe the gods.The conditioning effect.

Early summer, rain spleen and stomach discomfort

Eating porridge can help appetizing and wet

Fan Chunhua said that in the early summer season, the temperature in the Lingnan area gradually increased, and there were many rainwater. Many people clearly felt "moisture", especially the digestive clinic.The face has acne, full of oil, dizziness, especially tired and fatigue.

"In fact, these damp and humid performances are familiar with Lao Guang. Many people directly say when they come to see the doctor, and hope to adjust their moisture." Fan Chunhua said that in general, with yam, barley, red beans, corn beardWhen the ingredients come to cook soup, it can help strengthen the spleen and dampness in this season.

In addition, it is recommended that young people have appropriate exercise, walking or jogging for 40-60 minutes every day, and elderly people can walk, Tai Chi, Eight Duanjin, etc., let the whole body sweat slightly, which is conducive to the excretion of humidity.In addition, the appropriate therapy of traditional Chinese medicine such as cupping, moxibustion, scraping, massage, massage, acupuncture, and soaking feet is also a safe, convenient and reliable method of removing dampness.

Fan Chunhua introduced, and for patients with heavy moisture, Chinese medicine needs to formulate plans due to their physique.In traditional Chinese medicine, wetness, simply two types of cold and dampness and humidity.

People with cold and dampness are generally deficient, with white greasy tongue coating with tooth marks, sweet mouth sticky, no appetite, more prone to edema, stools are not sticky, and hands and feet are also afraid of cold.People with cold and dampness are mainly based on Wenyang and the spleen and dampness. They can use medicinal materials such as Codonopsis, white lentils, amomum, and tension to cook porridge.

People with hot and humid tongue are generally yellow and greasy, dry mouth and hard mouth, greasy face and easy to grow acne, stool sticky and smelly. Most of these people’s hands are sticky, afraid of heat, and easy to sweat.While clearing heat and humidity, people with heat and dampness must also take care of the spleen. They can use soil Poria, chicken bone grass, cotton Yin Chen and other medicinal materials, or ingredients such as melon and winter melon, which can clearly clear and humid and humidity.

Stagnant people drink porridge to nourish the stomach

Gastritis patients drink porridge and hurt the stomach

Fan Chunhua introduced that for people with stagnation, indigestion and poor digestive function, porridge is indeed a good stomach.When drinking porridge, the stomach does not need to be grinded anymore, and it can also promote the secretion of gastric acid, improve gastrointestinal digestion, and greatly reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal.This is especially true for those after surgery, after disease, gastrointestinal functional sensitivity, and insufficient gastric acid secretion.

But he reminded that not everyone is suitable for drinking porridge, gastric ulcers or superficial gastritis, diabetic patients should not drink more.

Porridge stimulates a large amount of gastric acid secretion, causing the gastric mucosa and ulcer surface to be severely stimulated, which will not be conducive to the healing of the ulcer surface.If you have gastric ulcers or superficial gastritis, and you really want to drink porridge, you may wish to put some baking soda when porridge, neutralize gastric acid.

Eating porridge is easy to digest and absorb, but its sugar lift index is much higher than the general main food. After eating, the blood sugar rises quickly and falls quickly, which can easily cause severe blood sugar fluctuations.If you are worried about the danger of blood sugar fluctuations, and you really want to drink porridge, you can drink some miscellaneous grain porridge and eat it with vegetables to slow down the fluctuations of blood sugar after meals.

Recommend the five -way early summer spleen and dampness porridge prescription

There are a lot of wet porridge of "Internet celebrities", such as red bean barley porridge, four god soup (porridge), etc. Fan Chunhua reminded that the key to Chinese medicine should still make corresponding conditioning according to different personal constitutions.It is best to find a Chinese medicine to do a physical identification.

Corresponding to the common types of early summer, Fan Chunhua pushed Wu Daojian spleen and dampness porridge for reference to select.

1. Codonopsis five -finger Maotao pork belly porridge

Materials: 100 grams of pork belly, 20 grams of Codonopsis, 20 grams of five-finger fur peaches, 3-4 ginger, 50 grams of rice.

Method: Wash the pork belly and shred it; pick up the rice, put it in the pot with Codonopsis, five -finger pork peach, pork belly, ginger slices, add 1 liter of water, cook until the porridge is cooked, add green onion, salt and other flavor, and cook again.One or two boiling can be taken.

Efficacy: Jianpi and Qi

Suitable crowd: fatigue, weakness, lazy laziness, sparse stool, loss of appetite, abdominal distension after food, pale mouth, yellowing, weakness of defecation, pale tongue or teeth marks, thin moss, weak pulse.

2. Codonopsis white lentils Huai yam porridge

Materials: 20 grams of Codonopsis, 20 grams of stir -fried lentils, 100 grams of fresh yam, 3 slices of ginger, 5 red dates, 50 grams of rice.

Method: Wash the rice in the casserole, peel the fresh yam, wash and cut it into pieces, wash the codonopsis, stir -fry white lentils, and red dates into the pot together.Cook it with low heat for 30 minutes, and then season with salt.

Efficacy: Jianpi and Dipment

Suitable for people: People with weak spleen and stomach are more likely to be wet in the body, often manifested as sparse stools, poor appetite, bloating upper abdomen, anti -body weakness, bleached limb, pale tongue, thin fur, sinking pulse, pulse sinking pulseWait carefully.

3. Chenpi sand kernel porridge

Materials: 5 grams of Chenpi, 5 grams of amomum, 3-4 ginger, 50 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of rice.

Method: Wash Chenpi, Amomuman, and rice, and wash the lean meat.Put Chenpi, ginger, and rice together, add 1 liter of water, cook until the porridge is cooked, add lean meat and cook for 10 minutes. Finally, add villosa, salt and other flavor, and then boil one or two to take it.

Efficacy: awake spleen appetizer

Suitable crowd: heavy limbs, fear of cold, light mouth, long urination, long tongue, large tongue, tooth marks, and white tongue coating.

4. Winter melon soil Poria lean porridge

Materials: 100 grams of leather winter melon, 30 grams of soil Poria, 30 grams of coix seed, 50 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of rice.

Method: Symphony of coix seed first; wash and shred it with lean meat; put the winter melon, Tu Fuling, Coix seed, rice, add 1 liter of water, cook it until the porridge is cooked, add lean meat, salt and other flavor, Cook for another 10 minutes to take it.

Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying and dampness

Suitable people: Dry mouth, scent in mouth, stuffy in the mouth, heavy body, rotten stool, severe stool, heavy tongue, and yellow greasy moss.Spleen and stomach deficiency, yin deficiency and fire prosperous.


Materials: 30 grams of chicken bone grass, 20 grams of soil Poria, 20 grams of coix seed, 1 hen.

Method: 30 grams of chicken bone grass plus an appropriate amount of water decoction, remove the residue and leave juice.Wash the Poria, Coix Seed, and Rice, add the juice, and change the fire for an hour after the fire is boiled. Add a little salt and ginger.

Efficacy: clearing heat and removing dampness

Suitable people: hot, dry mouth, shortness of urine, yellow, red tongue, and yellow greasy moss.

Finally, it is reminded that medicine porridge should not be taken for a long time. Generally, it is recommended to cook two or three times a week.

It is not recommended to cook for more than 1 hour in health porridge

Fan Chunhua said that many Lao Guang likes to cook soup and know less about the way of cooking porridge. After all, the porridge is slightly more procedure.It is worth noting that some medicinal materials are grass or roots, such as chicken bone grass and cotton Chen Chen. If you want to use it to cook porridge, it is generally recommended to cook these medicines first. After cookingCook with rice with rice; if it is a medicinal material like barley and Poria, you can eat a contract with rice, you can save the juice and cook it directly with rice.

He reminded that the cooking time of health porridge should not be too long, and the procedure is a bit similar to the pot of medicine. Generally, it will be boiled for 15 minutes with high heat. After cooking, boil it with low heat for 20 minutes.It is generally not recommended for more than 1 hour, and it is almost the same for boiling for about 40 minutes.

Transfer: Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University

Source: Jingshi Health Home

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