People who are preparing to get married: The marriage check includes these three aspects of the examination, unknown

Now that technology is becoming more and more developed, many people’s concepts are also changing. Since the state issued a marriage inspection in 2003, it is not forced but voluntarily.Essence

However, in the current era, many people will still have a marriage inspection. This can also find some invisible diseases. Some people will find that the other party has some invisible diseases during the marriage check. In fact, this is also some choices for the other party.You can’t delay each other because of your own personal interests.Then people who want to get married should pay more attention to what projects in the marriage inspection, so that they will not be helpless during the marriage inspection.

First of all, the first thing to check for the marriage check is to check the physical fitness of both parties, that is, check whether their body is healthy, because although some people look normal, there are certain diseases on the body. These diseases are usually invisible.Or do you know that there are these diseases, but you do n’t say it to the other party. In this case, a pre -marital examination can make the other party better understand himself, and you will not discover these situations after getting married.Growth problem.

Second, check some of their reproductive organs. Many people do not pay much attention to some of their reproductive organs before they get married, because everyone feels that there shouldFor example, the woman will find that some people’s uterine mouths are relatively small and difficult to conceive. The man finds that he has problems with prostate or have no fertility.It is a problem that can be faced after marriage, and it is also a very serious problem.

Third, check whether there are the same department or side within three generations before the husband and wife. The national law stipulates that both the husband and wife cannot get married within the three generations, because the chance of fetal malformations or fetal death when the husband and wife are married.In the case, it will delay your child’s life, so try not to marry the same department or side with your own three generations. This is immoral and unhealthy.

Many problems can be found before marriage. If some inevitable and serious problems are found, both the husband and wife should negotiate whether to get married. After allDivorce may occur.

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