Pigeon soup back milk or milk?Listen to what people say, the three methods of stewing soup promote the body recovery

When we confine, we will eat some supplements so that our bodies will return to the state before pregnancy as soon as possible.However, what you eat in confinement are still very particular, because the new mother still has to breastfeed. If it is not eaten, it will affect the secretion of milk.

The most soup to eat the chicken soup, pigeon soup, pork rib soup, lamb soup, egg soup, catfish soup, etc. in these soups can promote wound healing in these soups, and some can promote milk secretion.

But if both effects are available, it is best for the mother, but is there such a good soup?

Some, pigeon soup is a good choice. Many people think that pigeon soup has the effect of promoting wound healing, but pigeon soup is easy to return to milk, so some cesarean section and side -cut mothers missed the pigeon soup.

I have a cesarean section in both babies. When I was pregnant, I heard that others said that the pigeon soup was good to the wound, and it was better for my body.

It can play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, promoting uterine contraction and wound healing, especially mothers with caesarean section and side -cutting should drink more pigeon soup.

Moreover, the pigeons themselves are rich in protein and amino acids. After stewing soup, the mother drinks these things and can easily be absorbed by the body. It can enhance her physique and help new mothers to restore their physical strength as soon as possible.

Although it is good for the pigeon soup to drink, it does not have the effect of lifting up and creaming.

I had a pigeon soup in confinement twice. I didn’t feel that it would return milk. Instead, I drank it with other milk soups. Breast milk was more and more.

Asked a few mothers around them, they also drank pigeon soup in confinement, but they really didn’t feel that they would return to milk.

The reason why the mother can return milk is sometimes related to her mood, and it is not nutrition to keep up. There are some foods that accidentally eat it, such as leek, hawthorn, malt, bitter gourd and so on.

In general, as long as there is food to the stomach, drink plenty of soup, the maternal milk will not be less, unless some mothers are naturally secreted by milk.

In addition, because the body has not recovered during the confinement, and the stomach capacity of the newborn is small, the mother’s body will naturally not secrete too much milk.

Therefore, the pigeon soup is a good recipe for the mother, but it will not return to milk or quickly urge milk. This new mother must know.

1. The method of drinking the pigeon soup is relatively simple, that is, wolfberry, red dates, codonic ginseng are stewed with pigeons, so that there is no need to add any condiments, and the soup in the mouth is also sweet.

2. My sister takes a pigeon soup to make peanuts and stew together. The peanuts contain fatty acids, have brain health, and can also urge milk.

3. I have seen a friend and a friend who stewed the soup with shiitake mushrooms and yam. It tastes tasteful. You can eat the meat without salt.

However, the pigeon soup can not drink it after a lifetime. After all, it is a bit "oil". Drinking it too early may block the breast and affect the normal milk secretion.

Pigeon soup is usually drinking 7 days after giving birth. It is enough to eat 3-5 throughout the confinement. At other times we can drink fish soup, chicken soup, kelp soup, etc.

In short, pigeon soup is good for the mother’s body, but there is no specific scientific basis that it can allow the maternal to return to milk or milk.In fact, no matter what food it is, it is necessary to achieve a certain amount to play a role, and we do n’t have to worry about returning milk throughout the day, so we do n’t have to worry about it.

Text: Abu Ti said that childcare


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