Please pay attention to women: If there are 3 abnormalities in the secretion, you need to be alert to whether you have a gynecological disease

"Obviously changing the underwear every day, but the middle is still yellow and hardened. What is going on?"

"Me too, the weather has been hot recently, and sometimes there is a sour taste, which is strange to make people panic."

Miss A and friends vomited that her leucorrhea was not normal recently, and she was worried that she had any gynecological diseases.

In fact, female friends have always paid more attention to the problem of private hygiene, and private processes often appear on underwear. Therefore, many gynecological diseases and even tumor lesions can be discovered abnormal by observing the condition of the underwear, so everyone should pay attention to it.

After the panties are too many times, yellow and hard occurrences often occur. Many women are worried that they are gynecological diseases. In fact, most of them are not.

First, women’s physiological structure is relatively special. The underwear is close to the buttocks, which is easy to stick to "shit and urine fart". In addition, Chinese women basically have the habit of using wet toilet paper or cleaning farts.Easy to become dirty.

The second is that women’s leucorrhea contains a certain protein, which will turn yellow after oxidation.And the menstrual period is accidentally leaked, and it is difficult to wash away after a long period of time, and it will stain the underwear.

The third is that the sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the perineal area are developed, sweat is dyed for a long time, and the underwear will also yellow.After repeated cleaning, rubbing, and drying, the fiber of the underwear will deformed and broken, and finally hardened.

So, what is the sour taste of the underwear?

Generally speaking, the secretions on women’s underwear are mainly lactic acid bacteria, so they generally have a fermented sour taste, just like the flavor of yogurt, which is normal.

The vaginal secretion is a bark of women’s health, which is related to estrogen in the body, and estrogen is secreted by the ovaries.Therefore, when the vaginal discharge is abnormal, the lesion may appear quietly in the body.

And we must be alert to the abnormal situation of three common secretions: 1. Tofu -like: alert to mold vaginitis

The vaginal secretion is tofu -like, which is the main feature of mold vaginitis.The emergence of fungal vaginitis is mainly related to the imbalance of flora in the body and the decline of the body’s immunity. It has "made opportunities" for Candida in the vagina. The specific manifestations are vulvar itching, pain, urinary heat, dysuria, and leucorrhea.

2. Delivery, yellow -green, foam, and odor: Be wary of trichomonas vaginitis

The vaginal secretion is thin and purulent, yellow -green, foam -like, and has odor. It is caused by trichomonas vaginitis. At the same time, it is accompanied by symptoms of increased leucorrhea and itching in the vulva.Women in menstrual period, pregnancy, and postpartum have poor resistance, weaken vaginal pH, and is most likely to be stared at by trichomoniac vaginitis.3. Increased quantity, obvious fishy or stinky egg flavor: alert to bacterial vaginitis

The vaginal discharge increases, and has a strong fishy fishy or stinky egg flavor. We must be alert to bacterial vaginitis.In addition, the vaginal secretions will increase, the color is gray -white or gray -yellow, and the texture is thin.Bacterial vaginitis is mainly related to the frequent or frequent rushing vagina, which causes flora disorders.

The health of private parts is very important for women. Sometimes, if itching, pain, or non -menstrual bleeding during the private parts do not pay attention to it, it is easy to have problems.1. Itchy and painful private parts

Clinically, there are many causes of vulvar itching and pain, such as vulva vaginal inflammation, vulvar skin disease, and vulvar cancer.In addition, the inflammation of the cervical parts caused by pathogens such as chlamydia, gonococci, and mycoplasma can also cause itching and pain in the vulva.Without controlling it in time, these pathogens will further attack the pelvic cavity and aggravate itching and pain symptoms.Moreover, many people do not know that systemic diseases such as diabetes and skin diseases can also cause itching and pain in the vulva.2. Non -menstrual bleeding in private parts

Under normal circumstances, women’s private parts can only bleed only during menstruation.Non -menstrual occurring, common situations include ovulation bleeding, after -room bleeding, contraceptives or contraceptives, bleeding, pregnancy -related bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, and other abnormal bleeding.

In the face of non -menstrual bleeding, don’t panic, first observe whether the bleeding is regular. If there is no regularity, it may be related to the endometrium, uterine fibroids, and cervical cancer.Taking cervical cancer as an example, abnormal vaginal hemorrhage manifestation is that the amount of bleeding is less, the color is pink, or a small amount of blood wire is doped in leucorrhea.In the late stage, severe bleeding may occur, accompanied by symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, and edema of the lower limbs.

When you find itchy, pain, or abnormal secretion, abnormal bleeding, etc., you should go to the hospital for examination in time.At present, there are the following common gynecological examinations: pelvic examination or gynecological examination: pelvic examination and gynecological examination are important means of diagnosis of gynecological diseases. You can directly observe the vulva, vagina, and cervix.Leucorrhea inspection: Infection of leucorrhea can be found in infection of mold, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma and other pathogenic bacteria, and prescribed the right medicine according to different infections.Gynecological B -ultrasound: Gynecological B ultrasound can intuitively detect gynecological organs in the body, quickly detect, position, and qualitative endometrial lesions, uterine cavity positions, and ovarian cysts.TCT examination: TCT examination is one of the important means of early anti -cancer screening. The detection rate of cervical cancer is above 95%. It can also be found that pre -cancer lesions and microbial infections can also be found.HPV examination: HPV test mainly tests whether the high -risk virus infection of cervical lesions and cervical cancer can be used, which helps prevent reducing the risk of cervical cancer.Six items of sex gonads: six major gonads to check the level of sex hormones, which are one of the conventional routine examination methods of women’s routine reproductive systems. They are used to understand endocrine function and diagnose endocrine disorders related diseases.

In order to keep the private parts clean and hygienic, some women often use the private parts to clean the private parts. This will not only have no good for the private parts, but will cause harm.A national survey in the United States shows that the risk of ovarian cancer often doubled by women who often wash vagina.Researchers have also found that vagina often has close connection with cervical cancer, AIDS, and decline in fertility.

Because our vagina itself has a large amount of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria, most of which are beneficial bacteria lactobacillus, which can keep the vagina an acidic environment and drive away and kill harmful bacteria.If the vagina is often washed, harmful bacteria will be washed away, but at the same time, beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus will also be harmed.At this time, bacteria and viruses will "drill empty", causing gynecological inflammation such as vaginitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

So, how should female friends take care of their private parts correctly?Choose comfortable and comfortable underwear such as cotton, Moder cotton, silk, and change panties.It is best to change the underwear with high frequency. If the underwear deforms, harden, and yellow, replace it in time.Wash the vulva with clean warm water every day, do not use any washing products.Do a gynecological examination once a year to timely grasp the health status of private parts.

Learning to correctly nursing private places and care for private parts can reduce the occurrence of diseases.Female friends must pay attention to the health of private parts. Once abnormalities are found, they should seek medical treatment in time to find out the cause.”””Zero plan””Oncology science rankings”

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