Precautions for 36 weeks of pregnancy, understand clearly

The 36 -week baby is still in the development stage, the baby’s kidneys have begun to work, and the liver has begun to deal with some metabolic functions, because he has become a full -moon baby since this week. At this timePreparation.At this time, the pills covered with the whole body of the baby and the fetal fat that protects the baby’s skin also began to fall off. At this time, the baby’s head is rushed down. You should be prepared to be born.

Precautions for 36 weeks of pregnancy

First, pay attention to safety. This is the top priority, because the mother’s belly has become big and strong now. When going up and down stairs, out, and bathing, pay more attention to prevent slipping.Try not to do housework, and the movement must be gentle, do not do any dangerous actions.

Second, pseudo contractions.Generally, in the later stages of pregnancy, the last three months, the uterus will intermittently shrink. This is called pseudo -contractions. If this situation is more severe, it will make itself an illusion, thinking that you are going to be going toIn fact, the real childbirth contraction is more regular, and it is gradually enhanced, and it will be more frequent, so learn to distinguish.

Third, pay attention to fetal movement.Because the baby’s growth has become very large, the uterus can no longer provide enough space for activity, so at this time, it will feel that the baby’s fetal movement is not so violent and frequent, but the mothers still pay attention to observe the baby’s’s baby’s’s’s’s’s.For fetal movement, you must feel that your baby has more than ten fetal movements a day. If you feel abnormal, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Fourth, choose a suitable way to give birth.Because the physical condition of each pregnant woman is different, and as there are more and more new methods of childbirth, the current large hospitals also introduce foreign childbirth methods, such as: water delivery, aromatic delivery, etc.The pain of pregnant women in production, so you can choose the most suitable way of childbirth according to his own situation.

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