Precautions for bathing, bathing, soaking feet during pregnancy

1. Moms’ cold bath may cause uterine contraction and not washed.

The expectant mother who is pregnant will feel hot than before pregnancy, so she always wants to soak in cold water to take a bath, especially in summer, in fact, this will bring a lot of harm.

After pregnancy, in addition to maintaining the needs of each tissue and organs, their nutrition must also be supplied to the fetus.Decrease.In addition, skin capillaries are enhanced and skin types are loose and tender. If you use cold water to take a bath in this case, it will easily cause a cold. In severe cases, it will cause fever, causing macrolangitis, tonsillitis, arthritis and other discomfort.

In addition, a large amount of cold water stimulation will instantly shrink the blood vessels of expectant mothers, reduce the blood supply in the uterus, and the fetus will be deficient in oxygen and nutrient supply, which will affect growth and development. Frequent stimulation of cold water will cause uterine contraction.It is easy to cause miscarriage when it is unstable.

2. The expectant mothers can take a bath during pregnancy and take a warm bath to clean the body dirt. You can also choose to relax the body.

The water temperature is 35 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius. Expectant mothers can test the water temperature by hand, or use the thermometer. It is best to pay attention to the change of the thermometer at any time during the bathing process.

It should be noted that the water temperature higher than 39 degrees Celsius only takes 10-20 minutes to increase the body temperature of the expectant mother to 38.8 degrees Celsius or even higher. Because the blood circulation of the expectant mother has its own characteristics, some may be due to hot water due to hot water.Excessive stimulation causes the heart and brain to be unable to stimulate, shock, dizziness, and collapse.

The bathing time cannot exceed 30 minutes. Soaking in high temperature hot water for a long time will temporarily increase the body temperature of the mother, destroy the height temperature of amniotic fluid, and damage the central nervous system of the fetus.

The time to soak the feet is controlled at about 20 minutes. If the foot soaking for too long, it will cause sweating and panic.

Anti -sliding pads should be added to the bathroom to prevent slipping. Do not massage at your feet at will after soaking, because the soles of the feet are reflex areas of many parts of the body. Massage at will, which may cause contractions.Don’t use it. In addition, in addition to the guidance of professionals, do not add medicinal materials to the water when soaking your feet. Specific mothers with athletes should not soak your feet when he is severe when he is soaked, because it is easy to cause wound infection.

Expert tips:

The expectant mothers are not completely accessible to cold water. For example, when washing her face in the morning, wash it with warm water, and then rinse with a little cold water to promote blood circulation and prevent colds.

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