Precautions for diet in early pregnancy

Are you pregnant moms?Do you have a reaction during pregnancy?How do you strengthen nutrition in early pregnancy?What is the weight in the early pregnancy?Many pregnant moms will have the ignorance of early pregnancy and know nothing about pregnancy.Under the care of the family, it is right or wrong for pregnant women to eat. Is this right or wrong?What should I pay attention to in the early pregnancy?

First of all, because most expectant mothers will have more or less early pregnancy reactions. The total dietary principle of early pregnancy is to choose foods that are rich in nutrition, easy to digest, and light.

If you vomit severe pregnancy, try to eat as much as possible when you can eat it. Do not eat it because of vomiting. This is wrong.

Secondly, folic acid and other vitamins should be supplemented in the early pregnancy.

The demand for early pregnancy nutrition elements is basically the same or slightly higher as your level before pregnancy.To this end, it is necessary to add appropriate folic acid and other vitamins.If you vomit severe pregnancy and eat very little, you may worry that you cannot meet the needs of the fetus.In addition, like when preparing for pregnancy, you still need to persist in taking folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy.These are beneficial to the fetus and themselves.

Third, don’t choose diet according to your preferences, pay attention to reasonable matching.

Pregnant women properly supplement high -calorie foods such as milk powder in pregnant women. On the one hand, it is to ensure the intake of calories, and on the other hand, they can supplement some necessary vitamins and minerals.Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you eat some greasy, but the better, the better.

In order to add protein that you may lack, you should use eggs, dairy and soy products as a source of high -quality protein.Eat some nut foods appropriately, which is beneficial to the formation of the fetus.

There are also taboo foods in the early pregnancy. Be careful not to eat too much hawthorn.Eating hawthorn may reduce the early pregnancy reaction more or less, but hawthorn has the effect of inducing the smoothing muscle of the uterine, which is not conducive to the tire.At the same time, coix seed rice, purslane, fungus, amaranth, etc. under the profit of profits should also be cautious in the early stages of pregnancy.In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables is the key.

Finally, the supplementary supplement should be moderate.

During pregnancy, it is prone to internal heat, so warm ginseng and Codonopsis should not be eaten now.If you feel burnout, short, panic, and loose stool, you can take some American ginseng and princes to nourish qi and yin.

In summary, early pregnancy is a critical period for formation of fetal brain, and it is the most important period for pregnant women to pregnancy.Pregnant mothers cannot ignore.A good diet is the health of pregnant women and the health of fetal health. The precautions of the early pregnancy diet can allow you to easily spend early pregnancy and actively face pregnancy.To better ensure that children absorb more nutrition, match the diet reasonably, and control their weight well.These are the key to the success of good pregnant mothers.

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