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I received a letter from a fan yesterday, and my attitude was very tense. The problem was:

Hello, I was pregnant unexpectedly. I had been pregnant for more than two months when I went to check some time ago.Usually, menstruation is not regular, so I did n’t care too much when I was postponed. When the last menstruation ended for more than 20 days, my body was a little uncomfortable. I did n’t see it after taking the medicine. I went to the hospital to get a bit.It is said that I ca n’t take medicine when I am pregnant. Is my situation dangerous?

After checking the Internet, I said that they might stop, miscarriage, and deformity. Ask the doctor to only let me raise it at home, and check the progesterone next time. If you have bleeding or abdominal painAfter I was pregnant, I was particularly worried that I couldn’t sleep at night. What should I do?

In fact, most of these questions are in pregnant women. As soon as they are pregnant, their mood itself is nervous.It is normal for 2 to 3 months of pregnancy to miscarriage, fetal stop and deformity, and it is normal to worry and fear.However, as long as the results of the birth check are normal, the measures to protect the fetus are not in place, and the problem is not big.

For each family, children are difficult to come, but they must be particularly careful during pregnancy to avoid various accidents.

Except for the reasons for the low quality of the embryo itself, if the maintenance is improper and stimulated by adverse factors, the abortion, fetal stop and fetal deformity are likely to occur.

If you want to effectively protect the fetus, the following 5 points must be done in place.

1) Use medicine with caution

The early pregnancy response is relatively weak, and the symptoms of colds are a bit close to the cold. Therefore, many pregnant women will mistakenly treat pregnancy as a cold to cure, and take medicine at home.

Some pregnant mothers even went to the hospital for X -ray inspection without knowing it.

For fetuses, both of them will have adverse effects, but there are currently no specific measures in the world.


If you take drugs within January of pregnancy, you don’t have to be too anxious, just observe it naturally, and go to the hospital for examination in time.

If all aspects of the fetus are good, it means that he may not be affected by drugs, and the subsequent check -up only needs to be more attentive.

2) Quit tobacco and alcohol, stay away from oil fume

Studies have shown that 5 to 10 weeks of pregnancy are the sensitive period of teratings. By 12 weeks, the sensitivity to external stimuli will drop sharply, thereby entering the stability stage.

Therefore, during this period, we must keep the fetus away from all teratogenic factor. The main thing is to quit the tobacco and alcohol, and even the oil fume in the kitchen should stay away.


In particular, it should be noted that the impact of second -hand cigarettes on fetal development cannot be underestimated, which may cause slow development and weak function after birth.

3) Stay away from radiation

Early pregnancy is the critical period of fetal differentiation. It is particularly sensitive to external radiation, and there may be genetic mutations or dysplasia, fetal suspension, and abortion.


Although the radiation of mobile phones and computers is relatively small, it is necessary to minimize the daily use time.In addition, X -ray inspection, chemicals, and microwave furnace radiation should be particularly paid attention to.

4) Supplement folic acid in time

The importance of folic acid to pregnancy does not have to be said. It is one of the B vitamins. Generally, doctors recommend supplementing it from the time of pregnancy.

Because in the early pregnancy, if the level of folic acid in the pregnant mother’s body is not high, it may affect the development of the fetal brain and neural tube development, cause neural tube malformations, and even cause major deformities such as spine bales and brainlessness.


If you plan to prepare for pregnancy, you should start supplementing folic acid now.If you are pregnant by accident, you have just checked it. You do n’t have to be too anxious. Immediately began to follow the doctor ’s instructions. The quantitative supplement daily replenishment until three months of pregnancy, it still works.

5) Ensure for hygiene

After pregnancy, the movement of expectant mothers may be restricted, and she is afraid of being sick. There are more scruples in daily life.

However, it must not be ignored by this. If the influenza virus, rubella, toxoplasma, and giant cytoplasm virus are infected, they may affect the development of the fetus, and even cause abortion and deformity.


① Try to wash your hands, change your clothes, and dry up the bedside sheet.

② Try to go to public places with more crowded people and poor environment.

③ Try to stay away from patients (especially infectious diseases) and pet feces.

④ To ensure food hygiene, vegetables and fruits must be cleaned, and meat and eggs must be cooked and then eaten.

In short, the expectant mothers and fetuses are particularly fragile in the early pregnancy, so be careful.In addition to achieving the above five points, you should also pay attention to rest and avoid strenuous exercise in daily life. As long as you enter a relatively stable middle pregnancy, you can relax ~

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