Pregnancy and movement of double happiness?The second -child mother tells you that there are things that can not be done during pregnancy

Fangfang bought a new house in the city last year and was pregnant this year.Everyone around him said that Fangfang has wealth and blessings, which is really enviable.

Fangfang also felt that he was very happy, and was fortunate to buy the house in time.Now I am pregnant, my husband and husband can move over. At that time, the baby is born, it is a family of three, which can be said to have their own family.

When her mother -in -law heard Fangfang was going to move to a new house, it seemed that she had not had time to return to the good news of Fangfang’s pregnancy.It’s better to have a baby, after confinement, move it. "

Fangfang was a little unhappy and thought that her mother -in -law didn’t want to move with her husband.I told my husband that I wanted to move to a new house.Her husband was a little stunned. Xin Gangzi was not enough for half a year after renovation. It is not good for pregnant women and babies in the belly.

He thought that Fangfang was just pregnant and could not directly reject her request, so he comforted Fangfang: "The new house bought it for us, and we must move it. However, the newly renovated house is not pregnant for pregnant women and babies.Okay. For you and your baby, we move it later. "

For pregnant women, in home life, you can’t do what he wants to do.There are some things that cannot be done during pregnancy. Let’s take a look at what pregnant women can do in their home lives.

After pregnancy, someone will plan to decorate a baby room where the house is living. After the baby is born, there is a beautiful room waiting for the baby.

In fact, the impact of the house where the decoration is living is quite impact on pregnant women.First of all, the decoration will inevitably have noisy and harsh sounds such as punching, drilling walls, etc. The pregnant woman hear these high decibel sounds, which is not good for themselves and the baby.

Secondly, the decoration materials contain some bad volatile gases. For pregnant women who are pregnant, inhaling too much gas will affect the baby.

Therefore, after pregnant women have a baby, do not decorate the house that is living.In addition, like Fangfang, the new house was just renovated, and he couldn’t rush in to live.

When I was pregnant, my husband often went to the country, and the father -in -law and mother -in -law did not live with us.Once, the rice at home was finished, and I called Mitian to send 30 pounds of rice over. The person who sent the rice could not come for a long time, so I went downstairs to buy food.

After I returned from buying food, I saw a 30 -meter bag in front of the house. There was no way. I could only drag into the house by myself.As a result, at night, I felt very uncomfortable. I quickly called and let my aunt come over and accompanied me to the hospital. I lived in the hospital for two days. Fortunately, there was nothing in the end.

The little aunt repeatedly told me that he would never do such a stupid thing in the future, and he could call her to help.If you don’t want to bother her, you can put the rice in the house multiple times, don’t drag such heavy things at a time.

The pregnant woman after pregnancy can indeed not be able to carry heavy objects, which will really affect the baby in the stomach.

When I was pregnant, my mother -in -law was a more traditional person. I repeatedly told me that in the room where I slept, no items could be moved or replaced.At that time, I wanted to change a new bed to make myself sleep comfortably during pregnancy, and I could only passively dispel the plan.

Until I saw it inadvertently, do not change the new bed during pregnancy.Because the new bed will release some bad gases, pregnant women sleep on the bed, and it takes about 10 hours. It can be said that inhaling these bad gas will have a lot of gas, which is very bad for the health of their own and fetal baby.

I am very grateful to my mother -in -law so far, and I have also changed my views on the babies of the older generation.I think that the older generation’s knowledge of bred baby is also passed down from generation to generation, and it still makes sense.

Written at the end: Pregnancy is not a trivial matter. Anything that pregnant women do will be related to the baby in her and belly.In fact, pregnancy is also a thing that needs to be continuously learned. To understand the knowledge during pregnancy, when you really encounter it, you will deal with it correctly.(The picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, delete)

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