Pregnancy and skin

The pregnant mother is really too difficult. I ca n’t eat nausea and vomiting. I have frequent urination. I also have to endure the toss of skin itching, eczema, and acne. I ’m afraid of affecting the fetus.The skin makes you recognize yourself in minutes

With the increase in female and progesterone levels, vascular capacity expansion, and increased compression of the fetus, the expectant mothers’ bodies will make comprehensive adjustments to hormones, metabolism, immunity, and blood vessels in order to better meet the small life, resulting in one one, leading to oneThe appearance of the series of skin changes is manifested as the skin color changes, disobedience of blood vessels, rebellion of connective tissue and advection.

1. Increase pigment, melasma

Deep skin tone, hereditary, and hormone elevations are the three sisters that cause skin pigmentation and melasma (the three big guys)

Specifically, the pituitary α and β promote melanocyte stimulating hormones (MSH) during pregnancy, and a large amount of estrogen and progesterone constantly stimulate melanocytes.The morale of the melanin was rising and vowed. The melanin of each unit gathered, forming the skin’s pigmentation and melasma.

Pigmentation occurs about 90%of pregnant women. It is common in areola, underarms, vulva, anal, and nosocomial white lines. Most of them appear in early pregnancy, gradually aggravating, and the color after childbirth will partially fade.

Lloabic spots occur about 50-75%of pregnant women. They often appear after 3 months of pregnancy, and they can subscribe by themselves within one year after childbirth. About 30%of people can continue to exist and recur during pregnancy.

Points of prevention: sun protection, supplement folic acid, vitamins, usually use sleeves when they love and love, try not to use contraceptives (in addition, asceromycin, boromycin, antidepressants, and antimiced drugs have light sensitivity, resulting in yellow brownThe risk of spots becomes higher, and as little as possible when you are not pregnant)

2. Vascular change

During pregnancy, under the call of estrogen, the capillary soul is not kept, and the spider mole, hemangioma, marble skin, edema, vein, purpura, and gum bleeding are caused;

In addition, most pregnant women will also have gum hyperplasia, disappearing within or weeks after childbirth.

3. Stretch marks

More than 90%of women will have stretch marks (thighs, abdomen) in 6-7 months of pregnancy.

This is because, under the temptation of adrenal corticosteroids, estrogen, and relaxation, the collagen fiber and elastic fiber that were originally honest and peaceful began to rebellion. In addition to the weight of weight, the unbearable skin tissue rebel away.It is manifested as the elastic fiber adhesion, and the skin elastic fiber degeneration, broken (skin tear damage) -Clene marks appear, and the early appears purple -red, dark red, and white in the later period.(PS: Fatty, young people who grow up will also appear)

Prevention points: Avoid the increase in weight during pregnancy and use scar cream; of course, after giving birth to a baby, you can also take non -exploittic dot laser treatment;

4. Mao hair, hair loss

Some women will still increase theirrogens during pregnancy, and the multi -haired animals of male creatures — male tells us thatrogen will lead to increasing hair follicles during the growth period, and there are more than different degrees of hair;

The level of estrogen at postpartum decreases rapidly. In addition, a large amount of qi and blood consumes qi and blood during production, and the hair nutrition is insufficient. It directly experiences the changes in the rolling-type car roll over the growth period (high androgen-low estrogen), and there are obvious postpartum hair loss.

Prevention points: When confinement is actually to regulate the deficiency of qi and blood after delivery, excrete blood from the body, you can try medicated diet;

Angelica ginger and mutton soup: From the classic "Jin Kuang Summary" from traditional Chinese medicine, 10 grams of Angelica, 10 grams of ginger, a moderate amount of mutton, a little salt, you can add an appropriate amount of red dates, wolfberry, horseshoe, chestnut, and washed the upper.Add the casserole of the soup, boil the heat on the heat, change the low heat, simmer for an hour and a half, add the horseshoe for the last half an hour, drink soup and eat meat after cooking.Women with blood deficiency, women with dysfunction, dizziness, and menstrual dizziness can also be eaten.Note: Those with oral ulcers and annoyance such as hot fever are not suitable.

5. Acne and sweat more

During pregnancy, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of the skin are excited, leading to acne and sweating, and it is easy to occur and eczema.

The others are well understood, but why do I have acne?Anyone who is familiar with acne knows that acne is mainly related to the high androgens, but the pregnancy is obviously elevated, and it is not related to the half dime with therogen …

In fact, not only the adults are happy during pregnancy, but also the adrenal glands and ovaries in the expectant mothers will be very happy. Driven by their encouragement, the placenta of the placenta is usually secreted by the placenta.Follow the excitement, secrete more oils, causing pregnant mothers to have inflammation and acne;

Prevention measures: The skin is oily, the skin is cleaned, and the surface of the amino acid foam is cleaned.Four yellow anti -inflammatory washing agents); the indoor temperature is kept constant, and it can be used to use refreshing powder to keep the skin dry when sweating.

6. Skin disease during pregnancy

Endocrine hormone levels, related immunity, and metabolism in the body during pregnancy have changed, and skin diseases are prone to occur. The most typical is itching of skin, as well as pregnancy herpes, urticaria during pregnancy, erythema during pregnancy, adussion rash during pregnancy, and pregnancy.Items

Points of prevention: Applying the moisturizing cream and drinking plenty of water. Pinded water can help the skin barrier to resist external damage; the skin is itchy with moxa shower. Remember to apply the moisturizing cream in time after washing.

The use of medicine is undoubtedly a big trouble that plagues pregnant mothers. I am afraid that I will accidentally take it and apply what medicine will affect the baby. What medicines can I not be used during pregnancy?

The Division of Medication during pregnancy and drugs at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the corresponding level of drugs:

① x: pregnant women taboo use;

Vitamin A drug (Avi A, Avida A, Avi A ester), gosherelin, estrogen, methotrexate, non -Naamamine, Sinazole, fluoropicidineReaction stop), fluorotide;

②D: There are exact evidence of human fetal harm, but the benefits of pregnant women may exceed the harm after medication;

Aspirin, hydroxylhumatin, sulculobine, ammonia mustard, boromycin, penicamine, pyrine portrarine, potassium iodide, cyclide, tetracycline,

③C: The harm cannot be ruled out.Animal studies have shown that there may be harm to the fetus, lack of human research, and weighing the benefits of the fetus can be used after the harm;

Castroxer, cordicillin, cyclosporine, interferon, sensitine, foot leaf grass, Lifuping, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, thiamine hydramine;

④b: Animal research may have side effects on fetuses and no harm to human fetuses; or animal research is not harmful to the fetus, but humans have not been confirmed;

Simiidin, considerable flat, non -sterite anti -inflammatory drugs (including ibuprofen, 萘 pins), metronidazole;

Drugs that are not included in the FDA pregnancy period: teratogenic drugs: alptol, chloramphenicillin, graycurin, hydroxylzine, body scholytin, israzine;

⑤A: Comparison research shows that there is no harm to the fetus;

In fact, not pregnant mothers can only use Class A drugs (this is equivalent to use no medicine). Class B and C drugs can be used under the guidanceCymitamine, Penzide (anti -allergic antipruritic), cephalosporin (anti -inflammatory); topical category: diic acid external use, metronidazole external use (acne), erythromycin exterior (anti -inflammatory), hydrogen cymbal (yellow brown (yellow brown (cold)Spot), Terbinfen’s external use (fungal infection, athlete), peroxyzyl phenyl gyro -use (disinfected sterilization, acne);

As far as skin care products are concerned, most of the pregnant mothers of regular brands can be used with confidence (such as the mild moisturizing series of Shi Laotoma, Avene, and Lichi Spring are good choices for pregnant mothers).Some skin care products have the risk of teratings. For safety reasons, it is best to avoid skin care products of these ingredients: A alcohol skin care products: A good brother of A. as a good brother of A acid, there is a certain risk of teratogenic.Representative products include Laurin A Holly Human Night Cream, Lockevi A anti -wrinkle eye cream, Lichuanquan A.Before your mother uses, remember to see if his anti -aging skin care products are added with A alcohol; nicotinamide skin care products: there is a certain risk of teratogenic risk in the early stages of pregnancy, a excellent whitening ingredient, which represents OLAY light spot bottle, Olay small smallWhite bottle, SK-II whitening series products, Lishuquan Shu Anthen White Pottery Essence, Baoluzhen selected nicotinamide essence series, etc. When choosing whitening products, it is best to avoid this ingredient;Skin care products: salicylic acid is an extract of aspirin, and aspirin has a clear teratogenic effect in animal experiments, which has the risk of premature and miscarriage.I should all know this ingredients. Salmonic acid is usually added to skin care products with oil control and acne effects, such as the nourishing and conditioning mask of Bolida, the essence of the salicylic acid series of salicylic acid selected by Paleda, and the exposed Rapid ClearAcne acne emulsion, Purid’s net face balance essence, precious French water, expectant mothers who love acne, remember to avoid salicylic acid when choosing skin care products, can be changed to skin acid care products with the same good acne effect; two benzeneKetone skin care products: Mixed sunscreen and chemical sun protection are basically used. It is best to choose pure physical sunscreen products during pregnancy, and try to use the physical coverage of umbrellas, hats, and masks.””


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Sanctification: This article aims to science popularization. Be careful in pregnancy, and drugs need to be used under the guidance of a specialist.

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