Pregnancy and urination can cause kidney water?In fact, it has signs when it comes, keep in mind 5 "signals"

Many people have such cognition about accumulating kidney water, that is, the accumulation of kidney water is caused by various diseases, all pathological. In fact, this cognition is not correct.The physiological condition is not directly related to the disease, but no matter what causes, the accumulated water water will have the same symptoms.

1. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the uterus will continue to increase with the growth of the fetus. In the process, the uterus will rotate to the right, thereby compressing the right ureter, making the urine pass smoothly, which will cause the right kidney water to occur.In addition, women’s estrogen and progesterone levels in the body during pregnancy will increase, which makes the smooth muscle of the ureter relax, which will slow down the flow of urine, which will eventually lead to the emergence of kidney water.

2. Time to urinate too long

If you urinate for some reasons, the urine will flow from the bladder and ureter to the kidneys, which will cause the renal pelvis and kidney to expand and eventually lead to accumulating kidney water.

3. Remaining kidney water

If the congenital pyelone’s ureter connection is stenosis or ureteral stones obstruction, etc., then it will cause the shape of the renal pyelone and kidney to change, and eventually leave a large number of urine in the kidney, leading to the emergence of kidney water.

1. Limp discomfort

When the patient’s kidney has accumulated water, the waist is prone to feel uncomfortable. This is caused by the infection that causes the pyelone to ulcerate, which causes hematoma around the kidney. Generally, this pain is expressed as sudden.pain.

2. Limb and abdomen block

Some blocks of the body appear to be the most typical symptoms of kidney water, manifested in the swelling of the waist and block of the abdomen.Patients who are in early accumulation of kidney water often appear on the lower side of the ribs. As the condition continues to increase, these masses will develop below the waist and the side waist.

3, hematuria

If kidney accumulation is caused by timely and effective treatment due to urinary tract infection, when the accumulation of kidney water appears, it will accompany the symptoms of some urinary systems, such as hematuria.

4. Hypertension

When the accumulation of kidney water appears, the pelvic cavity will also be oppressed. Therefore, the kidney will occur with ischemia. Over time, the blood pressure inside the kidneys will be unstable, which will cause hypertension. Therefore, when there is no cause of hypertension, it is necessaryThe hospital checked his kidneys in time.

5. Heating headache

If the condition of water accumulation is serious, how much urination will have a direct relationship with the size of the mass and whether the pain is obviously.After a large amount of urination, the lumps will be reduced, and the pain will be reduced. If the amount of urine is relatively small, the mass will increase at a rapid speed, which will increase the pain and cause patients with fever and headache.

Because the symptoms of kidney accumulated water are relatively obvious, when these symptoms appear, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. In addition, pay more attention to the usual diet, because inappropriate diets are likely to make the illness make the disease condition.Here.If there is a problem with water accumulation on both sides of the kidneys, then control the amount of drinking water. In addition, when maintaining the nutritional nutrition of the human body, minimize the intake of high protein foods. In additionDon’t eat it, such foods can make the condition worse.

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