Pregnancy becomes ugly!There are wonderful tricks for pregnant women’s skin maintenance

Many pregnant women are very strange. After pregnancy, they obviously eat very lightly and nutritious. Why is their skin worse and worse?Blackheads, acne, stretch marks, and dermatitis are all coming. How do you get good skin when you are pregnant?For skin problems during pregnancy, it should be broken one by one.

Prevention and treatment of blackheads and acne

The cause of problems: After pregnancy, the hormones in the pregnant woman will increase, which will stimulate sebum penetration, and excessive sebum will block the pores. At this time, the cleaning is not in place, which can easily lead to the appearance of oily skin acne and blackheads.

Coping method: Pay attention to cleaning, you can use some facial cleanser for pregnant women. Be careful not to wipe your face with a towel after washing. Just take your face with your hands. This can keep the skin refreshing and clean.Reduce to the minimum.It is generally not recommended to use acne cream.

Dilute black spots

Causes of problems: Freckles, chloasma and other black spots such as freckles and melasses during pregnancy.This is also called "nostalgic spots", which is a brown spots formed by pigmentation on the forehead, cheeks and neck due to pigmentation.Black dots are caused by the increase of mystery.The exposure of the skin in the sun will make the spots darker and clearer.

Coping method: No matter what time to go out, it is best to increase the skin to increase the skin with a high sunscreen (SPF15 or more) on the map, which is better to wear a hat.

Prevent skin inflammation

Causes of problems: The main changes in the body after pregnancy are still rising, between legs or under breasts may be inflamed, and the skin becomes red and humid.This is a signs of "scratching".

Coping method: At this time, you should pay attention to keeping the affected area dry, exercise talcum powder to assist in receiving moisture, and wear cotton clothes to maintain breathable ventilation. It is best not to wear tight -fitting socks.


The cause of problems: The pores of the skin after pregnancy are easily blocked and inflamed, leading to acne.Coping method: Pay attention to wash your face and keep your skin water balance.However, many cosmetics now contain a lot of chemicals, and pregnant women are not suitable for exercise. It is best to choose a gentle product.Usually eat more fruits.

Alleviate stretch marks

The reason for problems: The color of the stretch marks mainly has two thin red or brown (this depends on your skin color). The firing lines show the abdomen, breasts and thighs at this moment.

Coping method: Avoid being fat, you can use some molten oil or vitamin E moisturizing cream, apply it on your belly to keep the skin elastic.Eat more fruits, pay attention to walking after meals, stretch marks can generally disappear after giving birth for a long time.

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