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Friend Yuanyuan is 1.6 meters tall. Her ideal height is 1.65 meters. She thinks that this height dress will look better, but after 20 years of age, she does not grow. She usually said that she is not 23 years old.One Kan’er, I just waited for 23 to rush.We all know that she is joking, but she really ran 3 cm just 24, which surprised us for a while.

Yuanyuan graduated from 22 university. As soon as she graduated, she entered the marriage hall with her boyfriend. I was pregnant in a few months. We are busy looking for a job to work overtime.I have to eat it, but after the child is born, it is natural to lose weight when you are busy taking care of the child. A while ago, Yuan Yuan found that he was 1.63 meters tall, so surprised!Running in the circle of friends and told that pregnancy can grow tall!

In fact, although pregnant women grow up as high as a falsehood, many real cases really exist.So why do some women grow high after pregnancy?After consulting the doctor, there are basically these three reasons.

First: After pregnancy, the pelvis was completely opened, and the spine on the back straightened.

After pregnancy, women have to hold their waist and walk backwards because of their uterus gradually becoming bigger. In this case, they will straighten the spine that people may not be straight before.A lot tall.

Second: The bone of the long man has not been completely closed yet.

After the height is not stable for a long time, the bones of the long man will be closed. This is why you can’t grow taller, but some people will still be 23, indicating that their bone bone closure time is later than ordinary people.That’s why women have replenished nutrition after pregnancy, promote the body’s development again, and naturally grow taller.

Third: The nutrition of pregnancy is relatively balanced, and sufficient calcium is supplemented.

After pregnancy, in order to give the baby in the stomach sufficient nutrition, eating is a collective supplement to vegetable meat and fruits. It is rich in protein and nutrients, and of course, there are calcium that can promote the growth of human bone development.Many pregnant women pay special attention to the supplementary and absorption of calcium during pregnancy, which to a large extent to help pregnant mothers grow taller.

Have you seized the last chance to grow taller?


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