Pregnancy is a tense and happy thing: 6 simple small behaviors in 1 day, let you do a happy and beautiful pregnant mother

After pregnancy, due to the worsening body burden, pregnant mothers often feel tired, bulky and even ugly.However, you must believe in yourself, a beautiful pregnant mother.

Although the fact that is about to become a mother will make you feel a little pressure, some changes in skin and body during pregnancy will make you overwhelmed.However, these are okay, don’t worry too much, although the beauty is not available before.But smart you can make you happy and beautiful during your daily life through some small methods in daily life, and make your life happier.

First of all, in the same daily life, "happiness" is the most needed by you and your baby, so you can make some fresh attempts and write down the projects that think you can feel happy to find happiness.Always beside you and your baby.

First, you can first understand what you like, then write out your preferences, post it in an obvious place, and remind yourself at all times.for example,

My favorite food, where I want to go most, the gift I want most, my favorite color, my favorite song, my favorite method of relaxation, and so on.

Second, in order to maintain good health, pregnant mothers should formulate a schedule that meets the laws of physiology.for example,

In the morning, you need to use your brain to work. At about 14-15 pm, you can do some simple mechanical work.In this way, until around 17 pm, after the brain recovers vitality again, you can do some brain activities to maintain your energy.

Third, pregnant mothers can try something new to stimulate brain cells.For example, use a brush to depict the image of the baby in the belly, learn to fabricate sweaters for the baby;

Usually, you can also raise a few flowers and plants, which can be easy to purify the air and maintain it. This way you can talk to flowers and plants when you are okay.

Fourth, pregnant mothers can also use weekends to go to the aquarium to see to see those fish swimming in the water, which will make your body and mind completely relax and so on.

In this way, through some fresh and intentional things in life, you can make yourself happy.

Fifth, be a beautiful pregnant mother, you can usually enjoy your senses through some things.Usually, you can accept different sensory stimuli, smell more of your mood, taste more food you like, and touch what you are interested in.This will make yourself pleasure from it, so as to constantly secrete the substance that increases immunity from the brain, so that you will look glowing.

6. In addition, pregnant mothers can do the "facial gymnastics" of facial muscles every day. For example, they make various expressions on the mirror to move each piece of muscles on the face.senescence.

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