Pregnancy is blocked, eating is spit, these taste medicines, focus on the fetus, wake up the stomach to stop and vomit

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Guo Guo, a Chinese medicine gynecology department.

Recently, there are many things about my husband and wife come to the hospital to consult me about Yangkang’s post -pregnancy. I will restore everyone here: Regarding the new coronal virus, it can not only damage the eggs, but also kill a lot of sperm.It will decrease significantly. If you are pregnant, you can easily occur and biochemical such as pregnancy. It is recommended to prepare for pregnancy three months after Yangkang. Usually, you must protect and balance the nutrition.

Next, let’s talk about the case of pregnancy during pregnancy.

A few days ago, I received a patient, 26 years old, the first child was pregnant, his complexion was poor, and his body was weak.Listening to her, the biggest symptom of her pregnancy is pregnancy vomiting. From 2 and a half months of pregnancy, she starts to get pregnant in the morning. She really eats and vomits.The record was spit 9 times a day, and I also tried to eat vitamins, drink cola, eat sulfef biscuits, and drink ginger tea, but it was effective for a few hours.

I immediately looked at her tongue image. The tongue image was red, her tongue was white, her pulse string was smooth, and the second was normal.

Emergency formula: Atractylodes, Scutellaria baicalensis, Fa Panxia, Amomuman, Valley Bud, Ninjin, Persimmon

After taking 3 doses, I have stopped, and I still have anorexia. Continue to take 4 doses. The symptoms have basically disappeared and can eat.

Pregnancy malignant is the most common syndrome in the early pregnancy. As early as the Sui Dynasty, the name of "evil resistance" had been proposed. Generally, it can gradually disappear after three months. Milder symptoms can be treated without treatment., Eating into vomiting, this will cause qi and blood to biochemize the passive, and cannot give birth to the fetus normally.

In terms of Chinese medicine, the main mechanism of evil resistance is caused by the qi of the veins, the stomach loss, and the surrender. I will take the method of treating the symptoms with the same symptoms when treating the disease:Wake up the stomach to stop and treat its bidding, but also take care of the tires, so the medicine above it.

In the whole prescription, French Pinellia and Persimmon can reduce qi and stomach; amomum can wake the spleen to wake up the spleen, so that the vitality in the body is smooth and vomiting;Atractylodes and scutellaria baicalensis are the sacred medicines of the fetus. Atractylodes have the function of nourishing the spleen and dampness, and the ingredients of coda baicalensis can be clear.

Therefore, although this prescription has only seven flavors, it has a comprehensive function. It can be taken into account all aspects of the pathogenesis of the pathogenesis of pregnancy, as well as all aspects of clinical manifestations. It is rigorous and special.

The above can be used as a basic prescription for basic prescriptions in clinical treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the prescriptions of people and dialectical treatment.I am Dr. Guo, a Chinese medicine gynecological department. If you also have problems such as menstrual disease, pregnancy, gynecological inflammation, infertility, etc., you can leave me a comment.

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