Pregnancy is the process of evolving from the female man to the goddess!

[Mother’s Draft] Do you want to become a goddess?Don’t doubt, believe in yourself, you will not always be a woman!Whether you think or not, you will become a goddess.The whole person has transformed so that you don’t even know you even your husband!What kind of legs and ladies are painful, the most sturdy in the palace will no longer exist.Xiaobian can only smile in the sky, no female man, only pregnant!

Maybe 3 months before pregnancy, because the stomach is not very obvious, and the pregnancy response will not be very large. Female guys often forget that they are in pregnancy. At that time, the editor was because of this.Have a car, run ~ green light, rush!Many years of experience, do not imitate easily.

Female guys, sit in your little bench!I’m going to transform!You don’t know what the goddess looks like!

1. Reading: yes!correct!Read (yue) reading (du), not gossip magazine!Take your melon seeds away!

In the second trimester, you need to read related books to help yourself understand the changes during pregnancy and the growth and development of your baby.I have never been so eager to get knowledge, and there are more articles reading during pregnancy than your past total.Many large websites now have information about pregnancy parent -child information, but Xiaobian still recommends that you go to the bookstore to buy a few related books, and do not often embrace electronic products.

Reading has a direct benefit for developing fetal brains, and electronic products will harm the eyes of pregnant mothers and long -term use will have a certain amount of radiation. Selecting electronic products for a long time may hurt you and your baby. Go to the bookstore!The pregnant mothers of the female man go to the bookstore to precipitate your rough temperament. You can choose the books you need in the bookstore to understand the growth of the fetus.You will find that you are the goddess who loves babies and loves life!In the bookstore full of books, order a cup of hot milk, read quietly, and smile because of understanding the baby!That picture is too beautiful, I dare not watch …

Recommended books: "Pregnancy: From the Guide from the Full of pregnancy to delivery", "The Bible of pregnancy", "Sils Pregnancy Encyclopedia", "Birth Knowledge Encyclopedia"

2. Music: See clearly, not songs!It’s not Eason Chan Rongzu!Yin (yue), okay!

I believe many people tell you the importance of music prenatal education.The fetus can already hear the sound in April pregnancy, which is very sensitive to the outside of the outside world.At this time, the mothers of the guys, shake off your popular songs and rock divine songs.Don’t download it, go to the CD store to buy a CD!Find your long -standing CD player. If there is a vinyl recorder at home, you can pick up the prenatal music records!

Music is the best way to prenatal education. Xiaobian really does not say divine songs!Is it impossible to develop fetal intelligence, okay, it can directly listen to adults.When you are listening to music, you will be surprised, the fetal fetal movement is wonderful!It seems that the melody will move. At that moment, the fetal movement picked up your heartstrings. Many mothers told the editor that the moment the fetal movement really felt like the baby was heart -hearted!At home, a record machine is driven to let the fetus enjoy the beauty of music with you.

Recommended music: Mozart-Lullays, Tchaikovsky-Four Little Swans, Mozart-Small Step Dance, Beethoven-Rural Symphony, Schubert-Little Night Song

3. Exercise: Pregnant women need forging (lian)!But it’s not for your parkour!The female man stopped!

Exercise is needed throughout pregnancy, and exercise has great benefits for childbirth!Appropriate exercise can enhance the physical fitness of pregnant mothers, enhance immunity, and make you not easily get sick during your pregnancy.However, you must not do a large amount of exercise and weigh your own tolerance before exercise.If you usually do n’t have a lot of time to exercise, Xiaobian recommends that walking is a good choice.You can walk the stairs near birth, which is very good for childbirth.

Please know how to be a pregnant woman now!Don’t think it was possible before, and now it is okay!Please avoid exercise with high exercise and high -risk exercise.Xiaobian has a pregnant mother and friend who loves hip -hop dance. She said that her stomach was not too big in the early pregnancy. Later, her vaginal bleeding was bleeding. Fortunately, the fetus was strong!Here we must be admitted to guys!Please be responsible for your baby!

Recommended exercise: yoga, walking, swimming during pregnancy, walking stairs during pregnancy

4. Dress: Oh!Don’t always wear husband’s clothes, okay!Although you are a female man, not a man!Putting (chuan) is not just to cover the body.

Do you know where the biggest difference between the female man and the goddess is!Do you always have friends like hip -hop singers?Do you always wear a husband ’s diaphotia as a short pants?Is it really good every day?Give back those coats to your husband. What you need is the appropriate maternity dress.

Appropriate clothes can relieve discomfort during pregnancy, and the body in the later pregnancy has changed a lot, especially the belly grows growing.At this time you need pregnant women’s pants and pregnant women’s skirts.Loose clothes will not strangle their stomachs, and her husband’s clothes will not be able to relieve discomfort.Pregnant women’s costumes are designed and transformed according to each part of pregnant women, and the version of the chest and abdomen is made for pregnant women.Moreover, the color and pattern are also a good line. It is just as cute pattern as the baby.

Recommended clothes: cotton pregnant women’s skirt, pregnant women’s waist pants, pregnant women bra, pregnant women soft bottom shoes

5. Leisure: What is the leisure and entertainment of the female man, and survival in the wild?Mobile games?Cross -country bicycles?Xiu, aren’t you Bei?

Many pregnant women are mothers in the workplace. In nervous work, you can be a strong woman and woman.Let yourself relax when you rest, every female man must have a soft heart.Leisure to do things that are beneficial to your baby and yourself.Many female men in the workplace are very strong. Scientific research shows that too strong mothers seriously affect the growth of children’s personality. Take advantage of the change during pregnancy.

Go to a meal with friends and chat.Share your changes with them, talk about your baby’s first fetal movement, call your parents, talk about the interesting things during pregnancy, and let go of your working day.Long -term height tension will cause obstacles to the baby’s development, and appropriate leisure activities can soothe the emotions of pregnant women.

Recommended leisure: dinner, chat, sharing

Women’s pregnant mothers, whether you are willing to be a man or want to upgrade the goddess, you should do things that are good for your baby during pregnancy!The mother who is willing to be a man, Xiaobian recommends a chance to give a chance to know a new you!

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