Pregnancy says: Blooding after pregnancy, what is going on?what to do?Four cases, can’t be wrong

Guide: Some friends asked, bleeding after pregnancy, what’s going on?what to do?

It can be seen from this question that what friends should bleed in the early pregnancy. What is going on?What should I do?I think this should be a novice mother. I do n’t know what to do, but no matter what the cause of the bleeding, you should go to the hospital for an examination to find out the reason and deal with it in time.

In the early pregnancy, the vaginal bleeding of pregnant women generally had four situations:

One is eight days after the fertilized eggs are in bed, and there may be a small amount of pink or red blood, and pregnant women may also have a cold (or the temperature will decrease). In fact, the fertilized egg bleeding is not every.Pregnant women will happen, and some expectant mothers can’t tell whether they are fertilized eggs to bleed in bed. Therefore, if bleeding during pregnancy, I should go to the hospital to see a doctor.

The second case is that the pregnancy of pregnant women is an ectopic pregnancy. As the name suggests, the fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterine cavity. The common fertilized eggs develop in the fallopian tube. The embryo is in a certain period of time.The vagina will bleed, and you should go to the hospital to check and eliminate it immediately to avoid endangering the safety of the life of pregnant women. This is why pregnant women have to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound after they know that they are pregnant.

The third situation is that pregnant women have a threatened abortion and a threatened abortion. A small amount of dark red blood will produce the vagina of pregnant women. It will also accompany lower abdomen pain. The common cause of threatened abortion is chromosomal abnormalities and maternal factors (severe anemia, hypertension, uterine malformations of uterine malformationsInadequate luteum function, etc.), except for the pregnant woman’s own disease, basically is luteal function (progesterone) incompleteness. If it is not slightly not enough for progesterone, you can take tire preservation measures in time.Note that there must be no sexual life during the occurrence of signs of abortion.

In the fourth case, 99%of women often feel fatigue after pregnancy, mainly because of the hormone secreted by the pregnant woman’s body. In order to cultivate the growth of the fetus, the body of the pregnant woman is like a power station at this time.Everywhere, expectant mothers often feel very tired. If you have nothing to notice and are overworked, you will have the possibility of abortion. Remember to work with me, because you do n’t notth when you are pregnant.For a few hours, the vaginal bleeding came to the hospital for examination, but it was too late, which caused irreversible. Therefore, women should pay more attention to rest after pregnancy.

Important tips: After pregnancy, vaginal bleeding should be checked immediately to check the causes, and various reasons should be used in a timely manner.

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