Pregnant female colleagues took half a month and forced me to go to work in a bicycle.

In the busy center of Shanghai, Liu Hui is a senior engineer of a technology company. His daily work is to deal with various smart machines.He is a complete technical house, only has a unique enthusiasm for technology. For complicated disputes and right or wrong in the world, he always chooses to be out of the case in a seemingly indifferent way.

He has a car. Although this car is not a luxury car, it is enough to meet his daily needs, including commuting at work.However, the car became complicated because of an unexpected person.

That person is his colleague, Wang Tingting.Wang Tingting is a marketing personnel in their office. He joined earlier than Liu Hui, but his status in the company was far worse than him.She is not outstanding, but she is still too much. After marriage, the company colleagues showed enough concern to her.

One day, Wang Tingting found Liu Hui and made a request: "Liu Hui, I am not very convenient to get pregnant now. I know you drive to work every day. Can you help me get a bus?"

Liu Hui was a little surprised first, but thinking about it, as a woman who is about to become a mother, she should really try to avoid tiredness, so he agreed.

However, this "one journey" is like opening Pandora’s box, which has become a continuous "multi -journey".Wang Tingting’s arrangement became like a fish. At the beginning, it was occasionally requested. It soon became a fixed itinerary every morning and evening. Occasionally, he would add lunch and dinner.

As a result, Liu Hui’s daily life was disrupted by this arrangement.He gets up more than an hour earlier every day than usual, just to connect Wang Tingting on time.After get off work, he even had to wait for her to finish all the work before leaving.Over time, Liu Hui’s work and life rhythm have been disrupted, and he even started to reflect. Was he been used by Wang Tingting.

However, when Liu Hui considered whether he should talk to Wang Tingting with a conversation, a phone call made him stunned.

The other end of the phone is Wang Tingting’s husband Li Bo.Although Li Bo’s voice sounded a bit hard, his language surprised Liu Hui.He said: "Liu Hui, I know you have been picking up Tingting to get off work recently, and I am grateful. But you know that Tingting is pregnant now, and our family is in the suburbs. time?"

Liu Hui was stunned. He didn’t understand that since they have a car, why not use their own cars, not to pick up and drop off every day.This is not logical, and he felt pressure.

Liu Hui was silent on the other side of the phone.He couldn’t figure out Li Bo’s intention, but just felt that the incident was getting more and more wrong.For the convenience of the other party, he was in trouble, which caused him a lot of trouble and confusion.

The next day, he took Wang Tingting as usual.The atmosphere in the car was obviously embarrassing, and neither of them spoke with each other.Although Liu Hui tried to keep calm, he still felt irritable.

He thought about it and decided to talk to Wang Tingting first.He said, "Tingting, I want to talk to you about this pick -up."

Wang Tingting seemed to be surprised, and looked at him a little puzzled: "Why, is there any problem?"

Liu Hui looked at the road ahead, silent for a while, and then said, "I feel that this pick -up is a bit too much. You have a car in your family. Why don’t you drive to work in your car, but let me pick you up? I am not yours for youDriver, I have my own work and life. "

Wang Tingting glanced at Liu Hui, and a bitter smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "I know this is very troublesome for you, but I really need your help now. I am pregnant now, my physical condition is not very good, plus the problem of commuting, it’ s really the problem of commuting. It ’s really the problem of commuting.I bother me. "

Liu Hui was a little annoyed. He felt that Wang Tingting was using his sympathy, but he did not say this idea, but said coldly, "Your trouble, I understand. But your husband has a car, and your husband can send you to work.Why do you want me to pick you up? "

Wang Tingting lowered his head and silent for a moment, and then said, "My husband will send my son to school every morning, and then he goes to work by himself. I know that this is unfair to you, but I really can’t help it."

Liu Hui listened, a little speechless.He felt that although Wang Tingting had some reasons, he ignored a key issue that he did not owe her any humanity.He said angrily: "I understand your troubles, but I can’t accept this way. I have my life, and I can’t always sacrifice my time for your convenience. This is unfair."

After speaking, he parked the car on the side of the road and turned to look at Wang Tingting: "I can’t pick you up anymore, you need to find another way to solve your problem."

However, at this moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang, a message from Li Bo.He glanced at his heart.The information reads: "Liu Hui, I know you may be a little dissatisfied with this pick -up, but I hope you can understand our difficulties. We are willing to pay your fuel costs, and even more, I just hope you can continue to help pick up Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting TingTing. "

After receiving Li Bo’s information, Liu Hui was deeply thought.This pick -up problem has affected his normal life, and he should not endure it anymore.He looked at Wang Tingting sitting next to him and felt that he could no longer succumb to her request.He told himself that he didn’t owe her anything, and there was no need to sacrifice her time for her endlessly.

After get off work that day, he did not pick up Wang Tingting or reply to Li Bo’s information.He decided that from tomorrow, he will ride a bicycle to work, which can exercise both and avoid being troubled by Wang Tingting’s request.

The next morning, Liu Hui pushed his bicycle out, and he felt particularly comfortable.He rode along the familiar road, and the pressure in his heart disappeared instantly.After arriving at the company, he felt full of energy and full of vitality.

When Wang Tingting saw him in the company, he was a little surprised and asked him, "How did you ride a bike?"

Liu Hui smiled and said concisely: "I want to go to work in another way. Riding a bicycle can exercise both and environmentally friendly."

Wang Tingting looked at him and didn’t speak.She seemed to understand Liu Hui, and she also knew that Liu Hui would no longer sacrifice her time.

Life is fast, and Liu Hui rides a bicycle to work well.He found that such a lifestyle is more suitable for him. He no longer needs to deal with those unreasonable requirements and does not need to accommodate anyone.He just needs to do himself and do what he likes.

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