Pregnant mother eats folic acid and was stopped by her mother -in -law: "I didn’t eat anything at first, the child was healthy"

Now with the change of people’s ideas and the progress of medical technology, many people’s knowledge and childcare concepts have changed.In the past, the old people had children, and they were all born in their own house. They bit the cloth and start the delivery directly. However, people now have to go to the hospital for a birth checkup.Some elderly people will be puzzled: I did nothing at first and gave birth to a healthy child. Why is it so complicated now?

A few days ago, the neighbor Xiao Fang’s house quarreled because of this.Originally, Xiaofang was pregnant, her husband and mother -in -law were very happy. In addition, because Xiaofang was the first child, her husband took it to take care of her mother -in -law early.My mother -in -law was also very happy, and I bought a lot of things to make up for her daughter -in -law, but there was one thing in the back that made her mother -in -law resolutely oppose it.Because her mother -in -law found that Xiaofang had been eating folic acid.The mother -in -law didn’t know what folic acid was, but she intuitively thought that folic acid was a medicine, could not eat more, and wasted money. What is important is that it is not good to hurt the children and adults.

Xiaofang explained that this is what pregnant women have to eat, which is good for the fetus.However, Xiaofang’s statement did not be approved by her mother -in -law. The two quarreled like this. Finally, they went to the hospital. After hearing the doctor’s explanation, her mother -in -law believed it.

In fact, the reason why the people did not need to supplement these nutrients before were also younger when they were young when they had children. Most people gave birth to children when they were eighteen or nine.It is more suitable for fertility than the older body.However, when the children are now in life, they are generally over 25 years old, and nutrition needs to be supplemented.

Secondly, the saying that "the child has been born smoothly before" is not representative.Because from the perspective of the survival rate of children in the entire human ethnic group, the previous people need to eat these things when pregnant.

For a very simple example, ancient people did not eat folic acid or something when they were pregnant. Human beings continued, but the mortality rate of children in ancient times was half the birth rate of birth, and children were extremely difficult to feed.So the old man said that because they didn’t know what the child’s survival rate was.Nowadays, people are so particular about eating folic acid to supplement nutrition, timing inspection, etc. It is because of these things that the survival rate of children is greatly improved, and general children can be born smoothly.

Finally, there is a very important reason, because the living environment of the older generation is better than the present living environment.The environment of the older generation lives, the quality of air and water are much better than the present, so they live in such an environment, their bodies will be healthier, and they will hardly be radiated.However, the current pregnant women are different. They will be exposed to different electronic products every day, and the air quality is not good. Even the water they drink is not as safe as before, so the current pregnant mothers need to do many precautions.

The reason why the old man in the aspect of pregnancy is different from the current people because the sciences were not popular at the time and the medical technology was backward.In the eyes of the old people, the experience is the highest.But if the young pregnant mothers conflict with the elderly in this regard, they should explain patiently with the elderly.If the elderly still do not accept the pregnant mother, you can take the elderly to the hospital to listen to the doctor’s professional explanation.

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