Pregnant mothers apply lipstick and dye hair, the consequences are so serious!

In winter, there are many expectant mothers who like to use lip balm to alleviate the problem of dry lips. Some expectant mothers have not only applied it once a day.Many expectant mothers believe that lip balm does not contain pigment, and it should be much more assured to use.

actually not.The fat in the lip balm is mainly wool fat. Although it is natural animal fat, it has strong adsorption. It can absorb all kinds of heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air.Waiting for microorganisms to threaten the health of the fetus through the placenta, which has a great impact on the intellectual development of the fetus, causing fetal distortion.In addition, applying lipstick for a long time will also cause dry lips, dandruff, and even cause lipitis and lip allergies.The expectant mother painted a lipstick to the hospital for a birth check, and it would hinder the doctor’s judgment.

How should pregnant mothers protect lip in winter?

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guide, natural vitamin E is a better lip -moisturizing drug.In addition, there is also a relatively safe method of lip moisturizing, that is, apply some sesame oil on the lips before going to bed every night, which can protect the lips the next day without cracking trouble, and there is absolutely no need to worry about the adverse effects on the fetus.

Lip care recipe

Tremella soup: 30 grams of waterfields, a moderate amount of rock sugar.Wash the water for 30 grams of Tremella, add water into the casserole, add water and add sugar.2 times on the 1st.Suitable for lack of lung yin.This product has the function of nourishing yin and lungs, coughing, lowering blood pressure, and lowering fat.Wind cold cough and cold people should not take it.

Honey brewing white pear: 1 big white pear, 50 grams of honey.Take 1 big white pear and go to the nuclear, add 50 grams of honey, steamed cooked food.Dun, twice a day.Even for a few days.It is suitable for dry lips, dry throat, hot hands and feet, dry cough, long cough, less sputum.

It’s about to be New Year. Preparation of pregnancy or expectant mothers during pregnancy also wants to live a beautiful New Year, dress up well, and everyone who loves beauty is no exception.But does it have any effect on hair dyeing on pregnancy or baby during pregnancy? Today we will take good care of the problem of having hair during pregnancy and pregnancy.

If you are sure that you are not pregnant, then you have no relationship between de -dyeing perm. When you do n’t have it, you are like ordinary people. It ’s nothing to do with hair.But if you are not sure if you are pregnant, then don’t go.Preparation is a very special period, it is likely that you are pregnant and don’t know.The potion of hot hair is indeed harmful. Some chemicals may be absorbed by the scalp and pass to the fetal treasure.Of course, this chance is very small.After dyeing the hair, I found that the sisters who are pregnant do not have to be too anxious.Many professional claims also said that after 4 weeks of pregnancy, the influence of perm is not great. Even if it is performed after 5 weeks of pregnancy, it is necessary to do a good job in the birth check. Do not have to diverge.In short, during pregnancy, it is not that you cannot dye your hair at all. If you are sure you can dye if you are not pregnant.Just for safety, it can be exempted.

1. How long can I have children after hot hair?

The chemicals in the perm -dyed perm is difficult to be metabolized by the body, and it takes a period of time to have children.This is mainly to look at the product. Under normal circumstances, the amount of chemicals in hairdressing products absorbed into the human body.But I am afraid that you encounter unqualified or comparative hairdressing products, which is a bit problematic.

Be careful, then prepare for pregnancy in 3 months after the hair dyeing. Three months should be enough to metabolize those so -called chemicals.

2. Can I dye perm during pregnancy?

It is free.The chemicals in hot hair dyeing products may not only endanger fetal treasures, but also cause allergies.

Pregnant mothers are easier to allergic than ordinary people, and it is more difficult to deal with after allergies.Beauty products have potential allergenic risks, and it is best to avoid it throughout pregnancy.

I really need to burn my hair during pregnancy, please try to avoid the first three months after pregnancy.The fetus in the early pregnancy is relatively fragile and easily affected by harmful substances.

3. Prepare precautions for hot dyeing during pregnancy

1) Choose a regular and good -quality hairdressing product! It must be safe and quality.Therefore, we must pick a better hair shop.

2) Make sure the scalp is intact before dyeing.

3) Wash it off in time after using hairdressing products, especially pay attention to the scalp part.

4) When dyeing hair, you can consider picking up, that is, don’t start with your hair root.

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