Pregnant mothers classroom: pregnant women’s diet blacklists, these foods must not be touched!

Many expectant mothers think that nutrition should be supplemented during pregnancy, so they need to consume more food.In fact, for pregnant women, not all foods are good for pregnant women. Even if they are beneficial, pregnant women must follow the right principle.

The following six types of foods are recommended to stay away from pregnant women!

TOP1: All kinds of non -fresh food

Such as duck neck, pickles, rotten, braised pork, etc.

For meals with too long time, nutrients will gradually lose, and it may produce various inorganic salts that are harmful to the fetus, such as ammonium nitrate salt.

TOP2: heavy taste food

Such as irritating foods such as pepper, peppercorns.

These foods are not only easy to consume intestinal moisture to reduce the secretion of the digestive juice, but also cause stomach pain, hemorrhoids and constipation of pregnant mothers. If it is a front placenta, it may also accelerate blood flow and increase bleeding tendency.

TOP3: high salt, high oil food

Such as fried chicken, fries and other foods.

According to research, high -salt diets have a lot to do with hypertension. High salt during pregnancy may cause hypertension during pregnancy, and it can cause swelling in the middle and late pregnancy. Therefore, the EU recommends that the daily salt intake of adults is controlled at 6Cainet (the beer bottle cap is filled with salt, almost about 6g).High -salt is harmful, as well as high oil. Many pregnant mothers love fried foods such as fried chicken, fries and twist, and long -term consumption of too much high -fat fried food, which will increase the cholesterol and bile acid content in expectant mothers.Not only does it increase the risk of breast cancer, but also the danger of fetal babies also face the risk of reproductive system cancer.

TOP4: raw or semi -cooked food

Such as raw fish sushi, semi -cooked meat and other foods.

Raw fish sushi, raw oysters, etc., and milk, raw milk, raw or semi -cooked meat may contain a large amount of microbial bacteria, viruses or parasites, and it is not recommended to eat during pregnancy.

TOP5: Foods with excited effects

Such as coffee, tea, wine, Penang and other foods.

Excessive intake of foods containing caffeine may cause frequent urination, dehydration, and electrolyte disorders. Caffeine can also pass through the placenta to the fetus, causing fetal movement or sleep disorders.

TOP6: sweets

Such as sugar, sugar, sugar.

In addition, eating too much sweets is not good. Excessive sweets will not only consume a lot of calcium, which will lead to calcium deficiency. Pregnant women’s long -term hyperglycemia is also prone to gestational diabetes.Stepping.

The above things are not absolutely unable to eat, but try to eat as little as possible. If you just eat a few mouthfuls and solve it, this problem is not big.I believe that every pregnant mother will arrange their diet reasonably for the baby.

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