Pregnant mothers dream of being "changed" to be superstitious and harmful!

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The reason for Bao Ma recently had a "nightmare" reason that she was a boy in her abdomen, and became a female treasure!

When I listened to Bao Ma said, I really can’t cry!

Bao Ma Lingling is now 5 months pregnant. I went to check some time ago. The baby in the belly was a boy, but she has been dreaming about having a girl recently. She is very worried about this.The phenomenon of women is relatively serious. If the boy is not born, it will be looked down on by others. It is proud to have a son to have a son. Regarding why you have such a dream, Baoma Lingling explained that the neighbor’s pregnant mother was on the weekend.After touching her own belly, she had given birth to 3 daughters. All the fortune -telling said that she had no son’s life. That day, she accidentally touched my belly., Pregnant women’s stomach cannot be touched, especially if the other party is also a pregnant woman, they will be "changed to tires!"

After she told her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law had to go to the neighbor’s pregnant mother theory. Ling Ling pulled her mother -in -law and didn’t call it.

Uh … I was thundered!Where is this? I am still changing the fetus!Do you want your son to crazy?

The superstition and customs during pregnancy are really harmless!Many places have this traditional taboo and superstition during pregnancy, and they are God!By the way, Moms, do you believe in the taboos of these customs during pregnancy?

Coco Mom: We have a custom that we cannot tell others in the first three months of pregnancy. It is said that there is a "fetal god" telling that others will be unhappy, and they will have a miscarriage if they are unhappy!

Ai Wen: I heard that I ca n’t see paint and decoration during pregnancy. If you see the baby in the belly, you will have birthmarks. I do n’t believe it anyway.

Qingqing Mom: My mother -in -law said that she could not participate in red and white during pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers believe this. In order to be healthy in the abdomen, they will pay special attention to these issues. Traditional taboos and superstitions during pregnancy, do you believe it?

PS reminds pregnant mothers to relax their mentality and promote scientific parenting for these taboos during pregnancy.

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