Pregnant mothers eat fruits in these two times, which is more conducive to the baby’s absorption. After birth, it is beautiful and healthy

Fruits have rich dietary fiber and various vitamins that can supplement nutrition and improve the skin for the human body.

Now that the times have become better, people’s living standards have also improved. Fruits are not uncommon in most families, and because the fruit taste is sweet and sweet, it is good for physical health and skin condition.Pets, especially after pregnancy.

The fetus develops in the abdomen of the pregnant mother by absorbing nutrition. In order to make the fetus develop better, the pregnant mother will eat some highly nutritious foods and supplements. The most may be fruit.

Regardless of whether you like to eat fruits before, you will eat a lot after pregnancy. The development of the fetus is closely related to the diet of the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother often eats fruit, and the child can absorb more moisture and nutrition. It has a healthy body and white tender skin.

However, although the fruits are good, they ca n’t eat blindly. Eating fruits in the right time is equivalent to eating in vain. It is not bad for the body, but it is not good at the same time. Therefore, we must master the time.

1) Eat fruit 1 hour before meal

With the development of the fetus, the appetite of pregnant mothers will become larger and larger, and basically it feels hungry in two or three hours.

Specific mothers are best to arrange food time reasonably. Generally, in one hour before meals, pregnant mothers are basically in half a state. At this time, eating fruits can effectively alleviate hunger, and can also promote gastrointestinal digestion and gastrointestinal digestion andNutrition absorption of fetal fruit fruit.

Most of the fruits are moisture. Although they can be full soon, they are also easy to digest. Eat one hour before meal, which will not affect the appetite of pregnant mothers, and basically will not take up their belly.

2) Eat fruit in the morning

In the morning, gold fruits are eaten, silver fruits are eaten at noon, and poisonous fruits are eaten at night.

After one night of sleep, the stomach of people’s body is always in a state of activation. If you eat fruit at this time, you can move the stomach to exercise, which can clean the intestines. There are many benefits to eating fruit in the morning.

Pregnant mothers are best to eat the fruit before the morning, and they can also eat occasionally in the afternoon, but in the evening, do not eat the fruit. The pregnant mother who eats fruit in these two times can be beautiful and healthy after the baby is born.Essence

However, when choosing fruits, pregnant mothers should also be cautious. First, avoid fruits with excessive sugar content.

Secondly, avoid fruits of fruits. No matter how hot the weather is, pregnant mothers should avoid too cold foods, cold drinks and fruits of ice cream and fruits. Eat too much cold food can easily cause abortion in pregnant mothers.

In the end, no matter how good the fruits can be eaten all the time, when eating, you must have a degree when eating, otherwise the food that is better and eats too much will be harmful.

1) Avoid junk food

It is well known to need to be taboo during pregnancy, but as people’s mind opens, it is relaxed to diet, especially some Baoma can not eat daily food due to pregnancy reactions. The most important thing is some junk foods.Essence

These junk foods occasionally can be eaten, but they must not eat it frequently, especially pregnant women. They eat at most once a week, otherwise they will hurt the baby in the abdomen.

Various harmful substances of garbage foods may cause the baby to develop slowly, or make the baby grow into an unpleasant birthmark.

2) Avoid high radiation

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should consider their work and living environment to check whether there are high radiation. If there is any suggestion to change the fetus to avoid fetal malformations due to radiation.

In daily life, you must also stay as far as possible and home appliances as much as possible, and do not use it for a long time or approach for a long time, especially the running microwave oven.

As for mobile phones, laptops or wireless networks, don’t worry too much. As long as you are not always around, there will be no adverse effects.

3) Examination on time

The checkup is the most comprehensive and intuitive test of the fetal development.

Regardless of the reasons during pregnancy, you must check on time on time, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. You cannot delay once. If there is no time on the agreed date, you will go as soon as possible the next day.

The fetus is developing every day, and it will change for a while. If you can’t understand the development of the fetus at any time, it will be troublesome once it is really abnormal.

When it is born, children and parents are suffered. It is likely that it is very likely not to have a child. At this time, the pregnant mother will do surgery, which will be a great harm to themselves and the fetus.

How the fetal development has a lot to do with the movement of the pregnant mother during the pregnancy. The pregnant mother does not want to work hard for a few months and finally give birth to a defective child. I hope that parents can bear their own responsibilities.think about it.

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