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Pregnant mothers must know what foods to eat for 3-4 months of pregnancy?

Hello mom!Today we discuss this topic of pregnancy. We discuss in five sections.What food do I eat for 3-4 months of pregnancy today?

The principle of nutritional intake during pregnancy is: full balance of meat and vegetables.Pregnant mothers can obtain reasonably from their diet throughout pregnancy, and they can get a comprehensive and sufficient one from the mother’s body.It is required to pay attention to the diverse food in the diet, and treasure can absorb a balanced health and healthy growth.

So what foods do you eat every month during pregnancy?What do you eat in March?In the early March of pregnancy, the demand for fetal volume still increases. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the supply of protein, carbohydrates and foods with more vitamins. At the same timeBoth pregnant mothers and fetuses have adverse effects.

1. Foods with abundant protein content of protein.The well -known meat egg milk bean products are rich in protein content in protein, mushrooms, pine mushrooms, monkey head mushrooms, kidney beans, mung beans, broad beans, hoof tendons, sea cucumbers and other foods.It will often cause severe body edema and hypertension. If the taste is severe and the pregnancy period should be particularly paid attention to, it is necessary to change the taste and eat light food.

Pregnant mothers should not eat or eat less pickles.Sales, meat, smoked fish, meat, etc. processed high -salt food.

3. Don’t forget that magnesium and magnesium are not only important for the health of the fetus muscles, but also help the normal development of the bones.Recent studies have shown that the number of magnes in the first three months is related to the weight of the newborn and the size of the head circumference. When the magnesium recovery the mother’s uterine muscle recovery is also very good.

It is easy to find in the nuts green leaf vegetables, nuts, soybeans, pumpkin, flower seeds and other nuts.What do you eat in April?In April of pregnancy, expectant mothers began to come to the middle of pregnancy. This is a relatively stable stage. The possibility of some expectant mothers’ pregnancy reactions began to reduce or disappear abortion.

Bao starts to grow quickly and develops. A large number of camps are required every day. You should try to meet the fetal and mother’s nutrient storage as much as possible to avoid malnutrition.It is necessary to pay attention to the intake of zinc iodine to prevent the development of the baby.

Increasing iodine intake: The thyroid of the fetus at about 14 weeks starts to create its own hormone, and the thyroid gland needs iodine to play a normal role.

Insufficient intake of iodine, after the birth of the newborn, the thyroid function, which affects the child’s central nervous system, especially the brain. Fish, seaweed and other seafood are the most abundant food sources of iodine. They can be eaten twice a week.

2. Increasing zinc intake: Zinc deficiency can also cause abnormal smell of pregnant moms, and want to reduce digestion and absorbing dysfunction.Foods rich in zinc include lean meat, liver, mouth mushrooms, apples, cabbage, peanuts, walnuts, sesame and so on.

The oysters are particularly rich in meal foods, but they are mostly cold foods and are easily polluted.Pregnant mothers should try not to eat, especially not to give birth, and zinc supplement should be appropriate.The amount of zinc in the diet should not exceed 20 mg of daily diet, and the DHA fetus is smarter: 4 months since pregnancy, pregnant mothers should properly supplement DHA, and the essential material of the brain nutrition is not to the baby’s eyes.Pregnant mothers can supplement DHA by eating nuts such as deep -sea fish oil, walnut kernels, hazelnuts.In addition, our staple food must be combined with thickness and constantly replace rice noodles and grains. You can easily supplement the B -based vitamin minerals and dietary fiber.Pregnant mothers, we talk about this today. What will we eat during the 5-6 months of pregnancy?

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