Pregnant mother’s notice: From pregnancy to production and unloading, what is the cost of production inspection?

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Do you still remember how much money spent throughout pregnancy?

Yesterday, my friend talked in WeChat: After the NT was not a problem after doing NT in 12 weeks of pregnancy, he would let the community hospital built.When a conventional examination in the community for the first time, there were vaginitis and anemia.A total of more than 500 was given to the treatment of vaginitis, calcium tablets, and iron.After 10 days, I went to review and said that vaginitis was not good, and another course of treatment (280 yuan) was opened.Then let 10 days later to review, and by the way do Tang’s screening.

If this is the case, it is said that it will have to do the color Doppler ultrasound again before the Tang family screening.I just finished the color Doppler ultrasound and I had to do it in 16 weeks.As a novice pregnant woman, it is a bit uncomfortable.For the time being, I do n’t say that it ’s too tossing. It’ s okay. It ’s always so tossing. It’ s just one thousand.Is this the same at the time?How much is the cost of delivery during pregnancy?Which maternity checks must be done?

Well, looking at this long problem, I can’t help but think of the baby Xiong’s baby, and there is no experience. The content of the checkup is basically according to the pregnant woman’s manual. How many weeks will I do?money.

Later, I asked a pregnant mother around me. She said that from pregnancy to my child is about to be in full month, I did two B -ultrasound. The first time I looked at the pregnancy sac, the second time was to look at the fetal position, each time I had 82 yuan.Later, I made more than 190 color Doppler ultrasound and ate a few boxes of DHA.The rest are free in community hospitals, such as Tang’s screening and NT.

At that time, it was shocked after listening. Compared with those before and after, it took about 10,000, and there was no maternity insurance for maternity insurance. It was too rare.

However, the experience summary found that under normal circumstances, dozens of dollars such as blood routine, urine routine, leucorrhea inspection, etc. are usually done.In most hospitals, it is about 90-120 yuan for a B -out.The scattered scattered calculation is basically three or four thousand (excluding nutritional products such as calcium, iron, DHA and other nutritional products during pregnancy).If the abnormal situation is detected, the cost may be slightly higher if you need to continue the inspection.For example, doing a non -invasive time, almost about 2700.

But no matter what, the following are the items that must be checked during pregnancy, but don’t miss it for saving and saving money.

Down’s screening

Generally, at 15-20 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to go to Tang’s screening, especially for elderly women.It is mainly to check the risk of fetal syndrome.(About 1005)

Four-dimensional ultrasound

At 20-28 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound.It is mainly to understand the development of the fetus and conduct deformed examination.It is reminded that because the baby’s baby may not cooperate, the inspection process is relatively long, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance.(About three hundred yuan))

Diabetes screening

At 24 weeks to 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital for sugar screening to check whether there are gestational diabetes to avoid huge children.


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