Pregnant mother’s puzzle

A 35 -year -old woman with a second child appeared dizzy in the early pregnancy.At the beginning, I thought it was just an early pregnancy response or a cold, but it still didn’t improve after taking antibiotics, and the dizziness was getting worse.

Five days later, the expectant mother fainted on the way to work.Passers -by sent her to the hospital. Doctors in neurosurgery suggested that she be a brain and neck CT, but she refused.She found me in the early outpatient clinic and asked me "Can I do CT when I am pregnant?"

This can make me difficult to live, and it is reasonable to say that the suggestions given by other doctors are integrated to the risk of doing and not doing.However, through negotiation with colleagues in surgery, we finally decided to "continue to observe".

At this time, there may be a pregnant mother who wants to ask, why did you arrange it like this?Can I do CT when I am pregnant?If you have to do it, will it affect your baby?Let’s talk about it in detail below.


Many medical examination methods have radiation, such as the most commonly used CT and X -rays.CT and X -ray inspection are ionizing radiation. They are characterized by large energy and can directly damage the cells or change the DNA structure, causing harm to the human body.

The radiation that pregnant mothers are often worried about in the early pregnancy.Indeed, early pregnancy is a critical period for fetal organs, and the harm that may cause radiation at this stage is the worst.In the early stages of pregnancy, if the pregnant mother experienced the radiation of the safety dose, it may cause the following results:

0 to 4 weeks of pregnancy: This is a "all or no stage". At this stage, if the baby is harmed by ionizing radiation, it is still safe or directly.

5-8 weeks of pregnancy: This is the early stage of cell differentiation, and the fetus will be more sensitive.But as long as it is controlled under the safe dose, scientific research is considered safe;

8 to 15 weeks of pregnancy: At this time, radiation has the greatest impact on the baby’s intellectual development, but you don’t have to panic too much.

Seeing this data, many pregnant mothers were surprised: oops!So serious!So why do the doctor still suggest that I do CT?Didn’t the baby be hurt after doing CT?


Don’t worry, this has just begun. Note that the word "safe dose" I use is a classic thing in medicine, called "aside from dosage and toxicity is a hooligan."

The radiation dose is the key factor in danger.Medical studies have shown that the radiation dose is between 200 mgy and 400 mgy, which will affect fetal intelligence.We generally believe that the ionization radiation with a threshold of less than 50mgy will not have the adverse consequences of abortion, teratogenic or affecting fetal intelligence.

What is 50mgy?Compared with CT check and X -ray check?Here is a form of daily examination for fetal radiation doses. Let’s take a look:

From the data we can see that the radiation dose of commonly used inspection items does not exceed 50mgy.This means that conventional examinations generally do not affect the fetus. Unless it is repeatedly checked for a long time, it may cause adverse consequences, but the possibility of the latter during pregnancy is relatively small.

So why do we recommend that pregnant mother "continue observation"?In fact, after the diagnosis of surgery colleagues, pregnant mothers have serious cervical spine problems, which is likely to be the cause of her long -term dizziness.Considering this aspect, we are more of the method of physical therapy and avoid ionizing radiation as much as possible.

This says that although there is no problem with occasionally checking, after all, radiation is harmful, and it should be avoided as much as possible without necessary.


However, some pregnant mothers are particularly worried. Once a pregnant mother used to do a chest CT without knowing her pregnancy, she was particularly afraid that the fetus would be deformed. I told her that the fetus was too small to continue observing, but she had to make trouble and wantedDo all kinds of inspections, talking about crying in the clinic.

In this case, the doctor is also a good deal.I said that the influence of the outside world in the early pregnancy is all or nothing. You go to consult a doctor. Even if you are a top professor and experts, you will not tell you whether it is "stay" or "flow".So don’t regret a minimal radiation, let alone actively abortion ignorance and ignorance.

On the other hand, sometimes you have to do it if necessary.Just like taking medicine, pregnant women have a fever and they are still carrying, which may cause harm to be more serious than not taking medicine.

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