Pregnant mother’s skin is itchy, don’t "carry" it to be careful to endanger your baby’s health!

Ms. Zhang, who was 5 months pregnant, recently found that the legs of the legs have some little red crickets. She thinks that it is a special period now, and she can not treat it without treatment. However, she found that she was getting worse last week.Under helplessness, I went to the dermatology department of the hospital and was diagnosed with eczema for pregnant mothers.

More than 80 % of pregnant women believe that they do not take medicine or injections for children in the stomach.In fact, there are many drugs that can cause fetal malformations, but pregnant women have always been "carried", and the adverse effects on the health of maternal and infants will far exceed the effect of the drug.

After the pregnant mother has eczema during pregnancy, itchy skin is unbearable every day.So what should pregnant mothers be good?

What are the symptoms of eczema for pregnant mothers?

Pregnant women’s eczema is mainly due to the changes in endocrine during pregnancy. It occurs on the facial, calf, armpit, and feet. The cause of the onset is unknown.

During the eczema, the skin at first is the red pimples or erythema that is divergent or cluster. Over time, the number of times will gradually increase, and it will also be accompanied by blisters, scabs, and yellow -white scales.

After scratching, it will cause symptoms such as erosion and scabs. In severe cases, even the whole body will suffer. Inserta infections can be visible pustules, and local lymph nodes will also be swollen and fever.

What to do with eczema for pregnant mothers?

1. Do not scratch with your hands, just massage gently on your skin.Or wipe it gently with warm water.But try to smash aloe leaves and apply juice to the affected area.

2. Some eczema is caused by allergies, such as taking certain drugs or other allergic substances, as long as you try to get rid of the allergens and use some anti -allergic drugs, eczema can be relieved.

3. Pay attention to the medication. You must choose and use under the guidance of a doctor. Local eczema can be coated with mint phenols, camphor cream, etc. If necessary, you can choose a hormone ointment with small side effects in a short period of time.

Summon eczema can be taken appropriately or dehydration agent, and calcium glucose can be injected orally or intravenous.

Although itching for skin itching during pregnancy is very common, if the condition is serious, it still needs to be treated in the hospital. Doctors will comprehensively consider the disease and the physical condition of the pregnant woman. Choosing effective and not affecting the health of the fetus.

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