Pregnant mothers who like to eat fruits pay attention, you must know these 6 knowledge

Fruit is the love of most pregnant mothers. It is sweet and sour and delicious. It is convenient to eat or peel off. There are also various rumors such as "eating more fruit children’s skin white, more grape children’s eyes", "Therefore, there are not a few pregnant mothers who eat more than one pound of fruits (a pound of two medium -sized apples).Let’s take a look at the precautions for pregnant mothers to eat fruits.

The baby’s skin tone and eye size (including double eyelids) are determined by the genetic genes from the parents, which has nothing to do with what the pregnant mother eats.For example, couples with white skin have white skin babies, and couples with relatively dark skin tone, and the baby’s skin is relatively dark.This has nothing to do with whether eating fruits during pregnancy.The size of the eyes has nothing to do with eating grapes. It will not get bigger because of eating grape children. This is also a genetic gene from Bao Da and Baoma.

Vegetable varieties are far more than fruits, and the content of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and plant compounds of vegetables (dark vegetables) is higher than that of fruits, so fruits cannot replace vegetables.In the diet, fruits can supplement the insufficient intake of vegetables, and it is convenient to eat. It does not need to be heated. The nutrients are not affected by cooking factors, so vegetables cannot replace fruits.

The process of squeezing fruits will make the nutrients in the fruit such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, and minerals have a certain loss, and the juice is easy to eat. It is difficult to eat three oranges at a time.It is easy, and this can easily lead to excess sugar intake.Therefore, pregnant mothers with normal tooth mouth are recommended to eat complete fruits.

During the processing of preserved fruits, dried fruit processing process, a large amount of vitamins and minerals will be lost, and the energy of energy will be soared after removing the water, and some sugar and other condiments will be added, resulting in increased energy, but the content of nutrients decreases.Pregnant mothers of fruits, especially pregnant mothers with blood sugar, blood pressure, and abnormal blood lipids.

The fact is that it is fruit no matter when you eat it.Generally, under normal three meals, it is recommended that fruits eat snacks between two meals. Eating before meals affects the amount of meals. After meals, blood sugar is high, and the blood sugar capacity of fruit has soared. It is good to eat some fruits between the two meals.choose.

According to the recommendation of the Society of Nutrition of Maternal and Children, eat 200 to 400 grams of fruits a day during pregnancy, which is the amount of a small apple+a banana. When you buy fruit, you can pay attention to the weight, and you know what the 4 to 8 fruits are.

No kind of fruits contain all nutrients, so it is recommended to have a variety of types. Various fruits are changed. Eat 1 to 3 kinds of fruits a day (the more types, the better, the total control can be controlled), and the nutrition is more comprehensive.

Fruit in the local season is the first choice. These fruits have not been transported and stored in long distances, and the nutrient content is relatively abundant.

Pay attention to food safety, such as pesticides residual in fruit skin, metamorphic fruits, and fruit contaminated by harmful substances. Pregnant mothers should avoid eating and safe fruits.

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