Pregnant women can’t sleep in the middle of pregnancy, most of them are caused by these reasons. 8 methods make you sleep well

It is believed that the first three months of pregnancy is usually the most difficult period, especially if it is the first pregnancy.Your body is experiencing a whirlwind to adapt to changes in hormones and body during pregnancy. You will find that you often suddenly want to eat some unusual foods, and sometimes the most strange want to vomit.

If you are a expectant mother, you may have successfully dealt with all the symptoms of the first three months of pregnancy.Everything you do now will affect your child.The food you eat, the way you sleep, your physical activity, your spiritual attitude, and things you have not cared about until now.Nevertheless, it is still a problem to find the right sleeping posture in the second trimester.

Although your middle pregnancy may be a honeymoon period for pregnancy, you will definitely have some small sleep problems.You might suffer

Leg cramps, congestion, snoring, sleep apnea, dreams, heart burning, indigestion, cramp syndrome.

In addition to the above problems, your hormone level will also stabilize.Your uterus will move up from the pelvis to reduce the pressure of the bladder.Therefore, your urine frequency will decrease at night.You may notice that your little guy becomes more active, especially at night.When you fall asleep, it starts to move and kick you.List all these problems that are troubled by you.

The best sleeping position is to sleep side.It is best to sleep on the left side.The left side will increase the blood and nutritional supply of the placenta and fetus.In order to be comfortable, the knees are up, and the pillows are placed between the knees.It will keep the muscles around the hips and pelvis.If you feel uncomfortable on the left side, you can make some adjustments.If you have severe back pain, lie on the left and put a pillow on the abdomen.

If your stomach has a burning sensation, try to support your upper body with a pillow.

When you like to lie down or lying on your back, the above suggestions may make you feel uncomfortable.However, after the first three months of pregnancy, lying prone and supine is not suitable.

1. Sleep lying down

When your belly is getting bigger and bigger, lying flat and sleeping can cause back pain, dyspnea, digestive problems, hypotension and hemorrhoids.This is because your abdomen is located on the intestine and blood vessels.As a result, it can cause a decrease in blood circulation in the heart and fetal.

2. Sleep on your stomach

With the progress of pregnancy, a lot of changes in your abdomen may make it more difficult to sleep on your stomach.

Although you rarely have sleep problems in the middle of pregnancy, there are some suggestions here to help you sleep better at this time.

1. Conventional schedule

Keep a regular sleep time, which will help you sleep well in turn.Go to bed early and get up early.Arrange your daily life accordingly.

2. Don’t watch TV before going to bed

Studies have found that these habits often interfere with sleep schedule, making you more vulnerable to sleep problems, especially insomnia.

3. Relax before bedtime

The best way is to try some relaxation skills before going to bed.Listen to soothing music or take a hot bath.This will help your body into a calm state and help you fall asleep.

4. Avoid spicy food

Eating spicy food every day will increase your risk of burning your stomach.This will cause insomnia.Instead, you can drink a cup of hot milk or grass tea.

5. Digestive dinner as soon as possible

Eating a light and healthy dinner is always better, eating less fried or high -fat foods.At all stages of pregnancy, overeating is strictly prohibited.

6. Lying on a clean bed

Studies have shown that sleeping on a clean environment and surface can improve sleep quality and make it easier for people to doze off.Therefore, make sure your bed is paved according to your daily comfort, let you relax and enjoy good sleep.

7. Appropriate exercise

Exercise can actually help you sleep better.If you haven’t exercised yet, it’s time to start.Exercise is considered to promote physical and mental health and help you get a good sleep.But exercise in the morning or evening, not just before going to bed.

8. Avoid drinking tea and caffeine -containing drinks

Make sure you avoid drinking tea and caffeine -containing beverages before going to bed, which will make you energetic and make you feel active and disturbed.

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