Pregnant women eat ice cream, and the fetus "dances" in her stomach. Can pregnant mothers eat ice cream?

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay close attention to their diet, because some foods are not suitable for pregnant mothers.

If the pregnant mother is eager to eat the appetite, it may affect the health of pregnant mothers or fetuses, and even cause serious consequences that everyone is unwilling to see.

Can pregnant mothers eat ice cream during pregnancy?You know when you see the fetus’s reaction

During pregnancy, there are many taboos, but some pregnant mothers still occasionally "commit taboos", or because they can’t help but be lucky.Otherwise, the pregnant mother didn’t know that she would eat some foods that should not be eaten by mistake.

Xiao Qing is a young pregnant mother. She also knows one or two of the matter during pregnancy.

I am also worried about the health of the fetus, and the usual mother -in -law’s "supervision" of Xiaoqing is also in place.

So when she was pregnant, Xiao Qing did not do well in this area. It was not stained at all for those foods that might be unfavorable to the fetus.

After the summer, the weather gradually became hot. At this time, Xiao Qing naturally thought of "Friends of Summer" ice cream.

So Xiao Qing wanted to buy ice cream to eat, but when her mother -in -law knew this, she said that the ice cream was also "taboo" and could not eat it.

For the sake of the baby’s health, Xiao Qing held back.

However, the summer is not so fast. As the weather is getting hotter, Xiao Qing’s desire for ice cream is getting bigger and bigger, and sometimes even watching people eat ice cream in water.

Xiao Qing’s husband was unbearable when he saw Xiao Qing’s appearance, so he secretly took Xiaoqing to eat ice cream secretly from the old man at home.

Xiao Qing wanted to eat ice cream very much. At this time, her lover secretly took himself out again. Xiao Qing finally couldn’t control it. When he felt that he had nothing to do, he bought a double -ball ice cream.

When the first bite of ice cream entered the mouth, the refreshing sense was indifferent. When the ice cream slid slowly from the mouth, the comfortable feeling accompanied by ice cream all over the body.

At this time, Xiao Qing suddenly felt that her belly suddenly "moved", and because the movement was relatively large, Xiao Qing trembled.

Suddenly, Xiao Qing’s heart was panicked. Did you say that he took a bite and affected the fetus?

Later, Xiao Qing hurriedly told the prospective dad that the two did not dare to eat ice cream. They paid attention to the performance of the fetus, and finally found that the fetus just moved in the stomach, and there was no other response.Then I was relieved.

After that, the Xiaoqing couple found the child’s "hand dance" in the stomach, as if very happy, so they were sprung up. "The baby also likes to eat ice cream." Xiao Qing said.

Do the fetus really like the feeling of eating ice cream?

Xiao Qing thought that the child was dancing, but in fact, the performance of the fetus was not the case.

Although the emotional transmission of pregnant mothers will affect the fetus, the cold transmission of ice cream will be faster.

Therefore, the "happy" behavior shown by the fetus in Xiaoqing’s belly is actually a reaction after being cold.

It’s like people feel cold when people go out outdoors in winter.

In addition, when pregnant mothers eat ice cream, the cool feeling is not just a feeling, it also causes some normal cold physiological reactions of the pregnant mother’s body.

For example, contractions, and this reaction is unfavorable to the health of the fetus, and the contraction will also make the fetus feel uncomfortable, so the fetus dances "big movement".

Therefore, the reason why the fetus dances when pregnant mothers eat ice cream, and it seems very happy because it is not happy because of the stress reaction caused by stimulation.

Can pregnant mothers eat ice cream?

After pregnancy, pregnant women have a lot of delicious foods. After summer, it is really painful to let the pregnant mother to endure a few months of life without eating ice.

The root of this pain is not that the body can not feel the coolness and deliciousness of ice cream, but a spiritual torture.

It’s like people with addiction, they are more unable to quit smoke because of their spiritual needs.

If the pregnant mother is often in a bad mood, it is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

And, as long as you eat ice cream, pay attention to some of the negative effects that it may bring, then pregnant mothers can still eat ice cream.

Note 1: Don’t eat too fast

This is the most important thing to pay attention to. Xiao Qing is because he is too anxious to eat ice cream. As a result, the first mouth is too fast, which leads to a strong degree of cold stimulation, which causes the fetus to move.

Therefore, when we eat ice cream, we must pay attention to eating slowly, and slowly taste the sweet taste of ice cream and cool taste in the mouth.

When the enjoyment is almost the same, the temperature of the ice cream has risen, and then swallow it slowly, so that it can greatly feel the deliciousness of the ice cream, but also avoid the body and the fetus from being strongly stimulated.

Note 2: Don’t eat too frequently

Foods such as ice cream can only be enjoyed occasionally for pregnant mothers. Don’t eat too often.

First of all, cold food is not suitable for pregnant mothers. Secondly, when eating ice cream, the fetus will often "excite" the fetus, but if this excitement is too much, it will be bad.Therefore, occasionally solving the 可 所以, don’t be greedy.

Note 3: Don’t eat too much in a single time

When eating ice cream, a single intake must also be limited. Generally speaking, "taste it" is best

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